Katie Conrad explains ‘the truth’ about her relationship with Derek Sherman on Married at First Sight

Katie speaks on her marriage to Derek Sherman
Katie Conrad speaks her truth regarding her marriage to Derek. Pic credit: Lifetime

Katie Conrad has not had an easy journey during her stint on Married at First Sight, and now she wants to share her truth!

Throughout the season, we’ve not seen Conrad in the best light, and she’s gotten harsh backlash on social media week after week.

At one point, the comments were getting to be too much, and she deactivated the comment section on her Instagram page.

After the reunion aired, things got even worse once viewers learned that the 25-year-old had cheated on her husband, Derek Sherman, a fan favorite this season.

The revelation that Conrad had also gone out on a date with Mindy Shiben’s husband, Zach Justice, certainly didn’t help her case.

Conrad makes an apology on Instagram

The mental health professional has been feeling the heat, and now she has something to say to her critics.

In a recent post on Instagram, Katie shared a message along with photos of herself and Sherman.

It reads, “So here’s the truth — We didn’t fall in love, we weren’t as compatible as we hoped to be. We agreed to move on and see other people. I was at times not my best self. I said hurtful things, did hurtful things, and for that, I’ve said my apologies and paid the consequences.”

It’s not clear if those ‘apologies’ went directly to her ex Derek — when cameras weren’t around — for cheating on him during the marriage. At the reunion, she wasn’t very apologetic.

As for her sneaky date with this season’s shadiest character, Zach Justice, we hope that she gave her “close friend” Mindy a sincere apology as well.

The message continues, “But I was also this — true to myself, and for that, I won’t apologize. I signed up for this to give it a chance, and regardless of the opinions of others who watched from the outside, that’s exactly what I did — I gave it a chance.”

She added, “Everyone deserves to find happiness and love, and I choose to believe it comes when it’s meant to. ‘Settling’ doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t worthy — it just means they aren’t what’s meant for you. As for Derek, I hope he finds this too.”

Are Katie and Derek friends now?

Conrad ended her message with a heart emoji, which leads us to think that things are well between her and Sherman.

This would make sense, since he even came to her defense recently, asking fans to go easy on her.

Mindy Shiben also made a similar request in defense of her friend, saying, “We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of. Imagine those things being broadcasted on national television and criticized by millions of people.

From the bottom of my heart, I beg everyone to #STOPCYBERBULLYING.”

Married at First Sight is now on hiatus.

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3 years ago

F**k you katie you are a shady ass b***h An with that said I hope you feel really really bad for what you put your so called husband through an karma , Is a b***h karma will bite you so hard An as for zack. You’re just pathetic You talk in circles an cannot admit that you just wasn’t feeling her you get want you deserve an I hope you fine a real woman who puts you in your place an mindy you girl are way Worth more then he or anyone at that can give you I hope you fined the love ❤️ of your life an live a blessed life an for Katie husband boy you can gat any Woman That would be more then appreciate then you deserve I just can’t wrap my head around this s**t it is mine boggling But with that said I guess everyone derived some kind of respect an love An I hate to be so rude but it had to be said I hope people would really just says what they think an not bulls**t an say what they mean I’m out

3 years ago

I really feel sorry for Katie. She is kike an impetuous child. She does whatever, whenever she wants with no regard for others. But, ehen the backlash for her sctions starts ir when responsibility for her actions comes to light, she blames ithers snd breaks down into a shivrling wreck. All of this culminates to the true definition of a narcissist! Katie, people have been downright cruel. But, you know what? You should use of these harsh attacks on you as an opportunity for you to become the person that does not deserve these summations of your character. Millions of people watched your attitude and interactions with your husband and disrespecting him at every chance to him personally, to your family and embarrassing him before the group of your peers on MAFS. Sofar you fight to continue as before while playing the wounded and misunderstoof little girl. Good luck in your future.

3 years ago

Definitely not a fan of hers. Hopefully one day she will find her way. Would never take my child to her for therapy. She would not help my child by crushing his spirit the way she dis Derek’s

3 years ago

At the time she was picked she still had feeling for her x and she still like to bed hop she never should of agreed to be married.. She took it as a joke…Marriage is not easy and look at the couples that made it they had hard times. She will never find anyone and look what she did to Mindy she cares only for herself… I hope this is all getting to her she is a real piece of work….Derek should feel lucky ;and get togeher with Mindy…they would be a great couple.