Kathryn Dennis in short pink dress is ‘Feeling fancy’

Kathryn Dennis in a gorgeous selfie.
Kathryn Dennis stunned in a pink Fendi dress. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Kathryn Dennis has upped her fashion game.

While spending time with a friend, the fiery redhead was “Feeling fancy” in a skintight long-sleeved pink Fendi dress.

The Southern Charm star showed off her legs as the dress was shorter than usual, given her position.

Kathryn and her friend were seated in front of a pop culture photo of Marilyn Monroe.

It appeared the women were having fun as they playfully posed for whoever was behind the camera.

After months of scattered posts, it seems like Kathryn finally feels comfortable living her life.

Kathryn Dennis feels ‘fancy’ in Fendi

Southern Charm viewers have watched Kathryn Dennis mature into the adult she is now.

The redhead OG began the show during Season 1, where she met Thomas Ravenel. She welcomed two children throughout filming and shared her battle with addiction and losing custody of her kids on a very public show.

In a share from her Instagram Story, a repost from her friend, Kathryn donned a pink Fendi dress. It was short and showed off her long legs. The dress was very form-fitting and had long sleeves.

They appeared to be having a good time posing for the camera.

Kathryn hasn’t always had the best sense of style, especially during her early seasons. Now, she dons some of the designers she loves and has seemed to jump back into modeling too.

She was “Feeling fancy” as she and her friend showed off their legs.

Kathryn Dennis in a pink Fendi dress.
Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Kathryn Dennis has her own Amazon ‘store’

Following in the footsteps of fellow Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy, Kathryn Dennis has an Amazon storefront where she earns commission from the products she sells.

The Southern Charm star chooses some of her favorite things and promotes them, which in turn earns her a commission. She doesn’t do too much promotion, though.

Other than her Amazon storefront, Kathryn hasn’t had too much else going on in her life with companies and deals. She has a polarizing personality, which hasn’t always worked in her favor.

There have been plenty of personal situations in her life that have played out on Southern Charm, and dealing with it at the moment and while watching it back is likely challenging to deal with.

Kathryn has teased some modeling gigs on her Instagram, but she hasn’t shared where she’s been published or how much modeling she plans to do moving forward.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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