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Katheryn from Season 1 of Temptation Island is also on this surprising MTV reality show

Kathryn Temptation Island
Katheryn from Season 1 of Temptation Island appeared on a famous MTV reality show as a teenager. Pic credit: USA Network

Katheryn from Season 1 of Temptation Island appeared on a surprising MTV reality show that gained its popularity in the 2000’s when Katheryn was a teenager.

Katheryn was featured on Season 2 of Teen Mom OG as Ryan’ Edwards’s girlfriend. She appeared on a few episodes that season as she spent a lot of time focusing on Ryan as well as Ryan and Maci’s son Bentley.

Katheryn took a long hiatus from reality TV and became a medical esthetician before beginning the journey to find love on Temptation Island.

Why was Katheryn on Teen Mom OG?

Kathryn was featured on Teen Mom OG unintentionally and only appeared on the show as a consequence of dating Ryan Edwards. She grew up in Chatanooga and went to high school with Ryan before they started dating after high school.

On the show, Katheryn and Maci’s first sighting of each other was from a distance because Ryan told Katheryn to stay in the car when they were dropping off Bentley.

Maci’s friends painted Katheryn in a bad light on the show, but she and Maci had a cordial yet awkward relationship. Her most notable moment was when she explained to Maci that Bentley hit his mouth when he fell over but that he was tough.

Katheryn and Ryan didn’t have a bad breakup, they were just different people and Katheryn moved to Nashville, hence her appearance on only one season of Teen Mom OG.

The picture on the left is Katheryn on Teen Mom OG in 2009 and the picture on the right is Katheryn on Temptation Island in 2019. Pic credit: MTV/USA Network

Katheryn gained more popularity from being on Temptation Island

Katheryn made it all the way to the final overnight date where she spent the night and hooked up with John, who came to Temptation Island with Kady,

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In the end, John chose to leave the island alone, but he still kept in touch with Katheryn and visited her in Nashville.

On Temptation Island, Katheryn’s strategy was to play the field at first and she stirred the pot a bit by talking to her best friend on the island’s guy, Evan. She ended up flirting hard with all four of the guys in relationships but settled on John in the end.

Katheryn’s popularity rose after being on Temptation Island. She now has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and she maintains relationships with fellow cast members from the show.

Temptation Island is currently on hiatus.

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