Kary Brittingham upset with LeeAnne Locken, after recent text message from RHOD alum

Kary Brittingham at dinner filming for RHOD
Kary Brittingham shares where her friendship is at with LeeAnne Locken. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Dallas star Kary Brittingham has given up hope on a friendship with LeeAnne Locken after the latest text she received from the RHOD alum.

Kary told Daily Mail that she tried to forgive and make amends with LeeAnne after the controversial insults LeeAnne swung at her during Season 4.

“We did go to lunch and she did apologize, and I told her, ‘I appreciate it and I wish you would’ve apologized a lot sooner,'” Kary said of LeeAnne’s apology.

However, it seems like the peace between the two did not last for long.

LeeAnne reportedly wasn’t thrilled that Kary condemned her behavior last season during a recent RHOD episode.

Kary explained that she received a text from LeeAnne following the episode.

“I feel like I forgive and forget, she apologized. But it was actually when this last episode showed and I made the comparison, and she texted me she was disappointed,” Kary explained.

Kary then revealed that LeeAnne should’ve reflected on her behavior rather than attack her again.

“And I was like, ‘What?’ Maybe you say, ‘Kary, I’m sorry again,'” she told the outlet. “But anyways, that’s LeeAnne, so…”

Why LeeAnne texted Kary

To LeeAnne’s credit, Kary did directly reference her in the episode after being prompted by the producers.

During a confessional interview, Kary was asked to compare the racist video Brandi Redmond made, which Kary has defended, to the racist names LeeAnne called her during the prior season.

“The difference between what LeeAnne did and what Brandi did in the video, LeeAnne was doing it out of hate,” Kary explained.

“Brandi’s video was very ignorant and stupid, but she’s been so devastated about it and I think that she will never do something like that again,” she continued before adding, “Sadly, I never saw that from LeeAnne.”

LeeAnne’s racist insults during Season 4

LeeAnne received severe backlash after she referred to Kary as “the Mexican” numerous times.

She even called her the “chirpy Mexican.”

During the reunion, LeeAnne attempted to apologize, but her castmates had little remorse for her.

They all confessed that they thought LeeAnne was a racist.

LeeAnne then left the show following that season. She maintains that she quit the show but many fans believe she was fired.

While Kameron Westcott is on good terms with LeeAnne, the rest of the cast seems to be glad that she’s gone.

Stephanie Holman has admitted that Season 5 was “lighter” without LeeAnne. D’Andra Simmons also said the show is “better” without LeeAnne.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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