Kary Brittingham responds to bullying claims this season, says ‘it makes me so sad’

RHOD star Kary Brittingham admits to some regrets after being called a bully this season
Kary Brittingham does not like the bullying label she got this season. Pic credit:@WWHL/Bravo

Kary Brittingham has been feeling the heat from Real Housewives of Dallas fans this season.

Now, the second-season Housewife is sharing how she really feels about the recent backlash.

Season 5 of the show kicked off a couple of months ago with newbie, Tiffany Moon in tow.

However, the MD did not exactly receive a warm welcome from her costars.

Viewers noticed that Kary in particular seemed to have it out for the brunette beauty.

After she drunkenly pushed Tiffany into a pool of water during a birthday party, fans started to label Kary as a bully.

The new Housewife wasn’t the only person who felt the wrath of Kary this season. She also had a few confrontations with former BFF D’Andra Simmons, which certainly didn’t help the bullying claims against her.

Nonetheless, the 50-year-old has since reflected on her behavior and admitted that she’s saddened by the negative claims being made about her.

Kary Brittingham dishes on her behaviour this season

The Real Housewives of Dallas star was a recent guest on Hollywood Life.

She dished about her behavior this season and some of the backlash she received from fans as a result.

Kary is the party girl of the group and she has downed quite a bit of tequila this season.

The Dallas Housewife does not regret her tequila shots but she does regret some of her drunken actions.

“You know I stand by my shots but I could have done better at certain things,” said Kary. “Like you know, obviously I regret throwing Tiffany in the pool. I was so drunk.”

The RHOD star confessed that when she drinks, she likes to get in the water and take her friends right along with her.

But she noted, “I need to be more like, ‘Okay, not everybody wants to get in the water.'”

Kary Brittingham says she’s not a bully

While explaining her actions, the Real Housewives of Dallas star also addressed being called a bully this season.

“Obviously, I’m already spicy as it is because I’m Latina and you know us Latinas, in general, tend to be a little more spicy,” explained Kary. “So obviously when you give me alcohol when I’m trying to have a conversation or coming across a certain way.”

The Dallas Housewife made it known that being called a bully this season was quite hurtful.

However, Kary did admit that she needs to work on her delivery when communicating with her castmates.

“I guess I’m coming across a lot more aggressive, as a lot of people are calling me this season, a bully. Which, it makes me so sad because I’m not one, like in general,” commented Kary. “I need to work, I guess on my delivery and especially when I’ve been drinking.”

“And I was drinking a lot this season so I definitely could have handled some of the things a lot better,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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