Karen Huger says Gizelle Bryant’s face, hands and ankles are bloated, compares it to ‘alcohol inflammation’

RHOP star Karen Huger dishes on Gizelle Bryant.
RHOP star Karen Huger dishes on Gizelle Bryant. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Potomac star Karen Huger said that Gizelle Bryant’s face, hands and ankles were bloated and compared the bloating to alcohol inflammation.

Karen made the comments while discussing the RHOP with comedienne Luenell Campbell. Karen also talked about Gizelle’s bitterness on the show due to something eating away at her.

“She was bitter and defensive. And so it was very difficult to take with her,” said Karen.

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Shady lady

The Grande Dame continued the shade by saying that Gizelle was bloated.

“I don’t know. Have you seen have you seen her lately?” said Karen. “Noooo. Well, she’s very, her face is very bloated, her hands are bloated, her ankles are bloated. It almost looks like, it’s like, um, alcohol inflammation, ya know?”

“I’m like, ‘Are you okay? Is your business okay? What is going on?'”

Karen went on to say that she genuinely cared about Gizelle and that she hoped everything was well with her. She added that Gizelle always had an opinion about everyone else on the show but wouldn’t open up about herself.

After Luenell said “It don’t work like that,” Karen concurred.

“It don’t work like that. It worked like that for four years for you, but time is up. Let’s see what Gizelle is about,” said Karen.

Karen said that she has spoken with the rest of the cast since the reunion, but she hasn’t yet spoken to Gizelle. “Girl, get it together,” she concluded.

RHOP: Karen Huger says  Gizelle Bryant''s FACE, HANDS & ANKLES are BLOATED!

The thirstiest Housewife is…

After Luenell asked Karen who was the thirstiest housewife, Karen said that it was Gizelle.

“Gizelle. Gizelle. I would say Gizelle is the thirstiest one,” Karen replied.

Karen went on to ask Luenell what she thought of Wendy Osefo. Luenell said that the “jury’s still out” on Wendy. Karen praised Wendy’s intelligence but noted that Wendy had made some wrong decisions.

The RHOP star added that Wendy was “cool” and “good people.”

Karen had some good advice for any future Housewives after Luenell complimented her for using her exposure on the show to launch a business. Karen began a fragrance business called La’ Dame.

“You’re not gonna get rich, um, by being a Housewife. You will get rich by using the platform and branding yourself, if you’re smart,” she said. “Consider that,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Potomac is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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