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Karen Huger says Gizelle Bryant made up a ‘bold face lie’ on latest Bravo Chat Room episode

Karen Huger is lashing out at RHOP castmate Gizelle Bryant
Karen Huger claps back at Gizelle Bryant. Pic credit: Bravo

The grand dame always has receipts and she’s pulling them out once again to refute claims made by castmate Gizelle Bryant.

The Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars seem to be feuding after last night’s airing of the RHOP Season 5 reunion.

But interestingly, the two are actually at odds over comments allegedly made about Wendy Osefo.

As Karen and Wendy faced off last night to talk about the reason they have butted heads all season, some new information came to light.

The green-eyed-beauty told Osefo that Karen does not like her and that she called her a floozy and mocked her accolades.

Meanwhile, video footage showed that Huger had not actually used the word floozy.

However, during Bravo’s Chat Room, Gizelle doubled down on her remarks that Huger does not like Wendy.

But the grande dame is fighting back!

Karen Huger shows receipts

After part one of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion aired last night, Gizelle Bryant had a lot to say on Bravo Chat Room.

The RHOP star, who is a host on the show, delved into the recently aired Season 5 reunion and doubled down on her comments about Karen and Wendy.

But, word quickly got back to the 57-year-old and now she’s calling Bryant a liar.

A Twitter fan drew Karen’s attention to comments made about her by Gizelle on the show.

“It’s sad that Gizelle is allowed to use her platform on Chatroom to spew lies about you. Why didn’t she bring this up at the reunion?” commented the user.

The RHOP star quickly responded and even tagged Gizelle in her answer telling the fan, that her co-star “Knows she is lying and she can only get away with these lies by saying them behind my back. My response face to face would prove her words a bold face lie.”

Karen Huger says Gizelle is a proven liar

Always one to come armed and ready, it seems Karen was armed and ready to respond to Gizelle.

The mom-of-three apparently implied on Bravo Chat Room that Karen had made disparaging comments about Wendy’s appearance.

However, the La’Dame fragrance creator vehemently denied this and even shared more messages in response to those claims.

The RHOP OG shared the screenshots of her responses from Twitter, and also shared a message that she sent to Wendy Osefo denying Gizelle’s remarks.

She shared a word of advice along with the screenshots. “Note to @wendyosefo, the Cast and fans…” Wrote Karen. “If you didn’t hear it come out of my mouth, don’t trust anything that @gizellebryant says in reference to me. She is a proven liar and worst believes her own lies!) #RHOP”


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The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion part two, airs Sunday, December 20 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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