Kaitlyn Bristowe played the best April Fool’s Day prank on Jason Tartick and he fell for it

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick starred on The Bachelorette.
Kaitlyn Bristowe pulled an epic prank on boyfriend Jason Tartick and shared it with the world on social media. Pic credit: Instagram

Kaitlyn Bristowe played the best April Fool’s Day prank on her beau Jason Tartick and he fell for it. The couple, who both participated in The Bachelorette during different seasons, have been dating since 2018.

Kaitlyn shared an Instagram video of the gag she pulled on Jason, where she shocked him with the news that the suggestive photo she sent to him was shared on the internet and it was his fault.

In the caption of a video upload seen below, Kaitlyn asked fans to please join her on an emotional journey for her April Fool’s prank on Jason.

Kaitlyn wrote that she sent her longtime boyfriend a nude snap and shortly after, asked 25-30 people to contact her love via text to ask him if he meant to post the image.

She claimed there were a lot of ups and downs in this video and if fans ever wanted to see Jason angry, this was their chance.

Kaitlyn then thanked her boyfriend for being a good sport.

The story behind the prank

The video shows Kaitlyn and Jason as they spoke on a FaceTime call.

Jason appeared to freak out, and said, “Oh my God, bye. Bye!!!!”

Kaitlyn appeared to look nervous as she witnessed Jason’s reaction, but as soon as he hung up, she burst into laughter.

She wrote in a text box across the video, “I should take up acting. Also I have never seen him this upset.”

The prank reportedly kept going for a full ten minutes before Jason realized he was duped and Kaitlyn yelled, “April Fools!” He responded by quickly hanging up on her.

Jason Kartick responded to an April Fool’s prank pulled off by girlfriend Kaitlyn Bristowe. Pic credit: Instagram

He wrote in regard to the above post, “and the fact this was so well-orchestrated that you pre-planted a nude the night before April Fools, I think I’m just going to call it a day and put myself to sleep. Good night y’all.”

“You need a prank show and I want nothing to do with it, well done,” he concluded in an Instagram comment.

Famous fans reacted to the gag

Reaction to Kaitlyn Bristowe IG gag.
Reaction to Kaitlyn’s Instagram prank was swift in the comments section of the post. Pic credit: Instagram

Reaction to the prank was swift.

Former Bachelorette star JP Rosenbaum wrote, “That was awesome!”

Country music singer Lindsay Ell claimed, “I AM STILL ACTUALLY LOL-ing. I have watched this so many times. I was so nervous this morning!! Also, love how upset you were Jason Tartick for just loving Kait so much and being worried for her. Y’all are the best.”

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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