Kailyn Lowry suggests her own books as ‘cheap stocking stuffers’ for Christmas on TikTok

Kail Lowry during a recent episode of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry promotes her books as Christmas stocking stuffers on TikTok Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has been successful in several different business ventures since she’s started with the MTV franchise.

Kail runs weekly podcasts which include Coffee Convos with Lindsie Chrisley and Baby Mamas No Drama with Vee Rivera.  In addition to podcasts, Kail has achieved the title of a New York Times Best-Selling Author.

She’s authored four different books which include A Letter of Love, Hustle and Heart, Pride Over Pity, and the children’s book Love Is Bubblegum.

Recently, Kail took to TikTok to promote her books as cheap stocking stuffers for Christmas.  In the video, she showed each of her books and captioned it with, “stocking stuffers/birthday gifts/just because.”

Several fans commented praising the books.  When one fan commented and said that they loved all of her books and wanted her to write another one, Kail admitted that an additional book was in the works.

She said, “Fall 2021 I have a novel coming out.”

Her comment excited fans as they said they couldn’t wait to read it.

@kaillowrystocking stuffers/birthday gifts/just because ✨ #christmas #stockingstuffer #idea #ideas #books #read #kail #kaillowry♬ Grey’s Anatomy – Merrick Lowell

Kail gives up Christmas day with her boys

Amid the talk of stocking stuffers, it looks like Kail will be spending Christmas day alone this year.  She recently went on her Baby Mamas No Dramas podcast and discussed a new plan for the holiday in hopes of easing some of the drama between her and her baby daddies Jo Rivera, Javi Marroquin, and Chris Lopez.

She shares her son Isaac with Jo, her son Lincoln with Javi, and her sons Lux and Creed with Chris.

Her current agreement said that she would have the boys on Christmas Eve and then until noon on Christmas day.  During the podcast, Kail admitted she didn’t care about Christmas day.

She said, “I don’t personally care about Christmas, so we don’t have to listen to the agreement…they can have Christmas, like, that’s all theirs.  I don’t care.  But in the event that we got into a fight and I changed my mind, we would just fall back on the custody agreement because that is supposed to help.”

She added, “I’m not gonna fight.  I’m not fighting with nobody…I’m not even f**king playing.  I am done paying for attorneys.  I have six attorneys.  When I told you I’m done paying f**king all of them, unless it’s related to my f**king business, I am done.  I’m done!  We are working this s**t out.”

Kail admits to being sad about Christmas

Since her initial podcast, as the holiday has inched closer, Kail admitted to being sad about spending Christmas alone despite previously agreeing to the change.

Kail described the chaotic schedule of coordinating the boys drop off times as Jo, Javi, and Chris’s families live all over.  She described how the boys would come home at various times throughout the afternoon and evening and by the time they got back to her, they’d be too tired to do anything together.

She admitted to feeling sad but explained, “It is kind of sad, and I get that. I definitely get that. I just feel like it’s a lot and the amount of money that I was spending on Christmas gifts, and then I was only getting them for half the day,”

While Kail’s co-parenting relationship with her baby daddies fluctuates from time to time, she made the Christmas decision in the best interest of her boys and to reduce the chances of drama.

Fans can gain deeper insight into Kail’s life experiences and the dramas of her past in the various books she’s authored.  In addition to providing more insight into Kail’s life, the books apparently make a great last-minute stocking stuffer too.

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