Kailah Casillas reveals the reason she didn’t return for The Challenge this season

kailah casillas reveals why she didnt return for the challenge season
Kailah Casillas appeared on The Challenge: Total Madness season. Pic credit: MTV

When The Challenge: Double Agents cast announcement arrived, most fans were excited to see certain competitors back but disappointed in not seeing their favorites.

Five-time Challenge competitor Kailah Casillas was among the people missing from the list, to some fans’ disappointment.

She appeared on several seasons of the show and had memorable moments, including an appearance in one season’s final. Kailah recently revealed to fans why she chose not to return for Season 36, though.

Kailah Casillas on why she didn’t return to The Challenge

After originally appearing on The Real World: Go Big Or Go Home, Kailah showed up as a rookie on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions. She’d also appear on XXX: Dirty 30, and then Vendettas, where she reached the final and won over $25,000 in prize money.

In 2018, Kailah did The Challenge spinoff series, Champs Vs. Stars, where she was partnered with celebrity crush Drake Bell.

Fans saw her return on Final Reckoning, but she and castmate Melissa Reeves got into a physical altercation early in the season. Both women were sent home.

After being absent from both War of the Worlds seasons, Kailah was back for Total Madness last season. Fans saw her as part of the Holy Trinity alliance, which featured friends Nany Gonzalez and Jenna Compono. Kailah failed to reach the final and was eliminated by Kaycee Clark.

Kailah chose not to return for Season 36, though, and it seems she just wanted a break, as well as not having to worry about all the quarantining. In a now-deleted Twitter question, a fan asked Kailah if she was taking an extended break from competing on The Challenge.

“I haven’t! I was on the last one. I am not going on the current season due to ME. I feel like with quarantine, it just wasn’t going to be a good move for me to go! 2020 is wild,” she wrote as part of her reply. She also indicated she might “be back soon.”

kailah casillas explains why she didnt return for the challenge
Pic credit: @kailah_casillas/Twitter

Kailah enjoying life with her fiancé

On The Challenge, viewers saw Kailah in a brief romance with Cory Wharton in one season and then get involved with player Stephen Bear on Total Madness. Neither of those worked out, but that appears to be quite fine for Kailah.

She now seems to be quite busy with other major life events, including the fact she’s met a new man, Sam Robert Bird. He previously appeared on Love Island UK in 2018. Back then, Sam dated Georgia Steel, but things didn’t work out between them. They even appeared on Ex on the Beach in 2019 but still couldn’t patch up the relationship.

In 2020, Kailah and Sam began dating. They eventually started quarantining together due to the pandemic and then became engaged in late August this year.

They recently revealed they had bought a home together in England and shared the exciting news on Instagram.


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A post shared by Kailah (@kailah_casillas)

In addition to becoming new homeowners and planning for a future wedding, the couple also records a podcast called Big Doc Energy. Based on a recent Instagram update, they plan to build a podcast studio in their new home and then start recording Season 2 episodes. Fans can check out episodes of the podcast at Apple, Spotify, and elsewhere.

So it appears Kailah Casillas has plenty to keep her occupied for now, but it also seems she hasn’t ruled out returning for a future season of The Challenge. That prize money can come in handy for weddings, honeymoons, or other major life events!

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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