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K9 Face Mask on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes these pet face masks special and where you can buy them

What is K9 Face Mask that is featured on Shark Tank?
K9 Face Mask helps a dog breathe better and it does not feel like a muzzle. Pic credit: ABC

K9 Face Mask on Shark Tank has viewers asking what makes these pet face masks special and where you can buy them.

Fans of the hit ABC reality TV show and pet lovers can agree the K9 Face Mask is quite intriguing. There is no question dogs do not like wearing masks or muzzles, and who can blame them.

Unfortunately, sometimes dogs need to wear a muzzle. Thankfully K9 Face Mask has made it less stressful for pets and owners when those instances arise.

What makes the pet face mask so special?

Austin entrepreneurs Kirby Holmes and his cousin, Evan Daugherty are the creators behind K9 Face Mask. Their company, Good Air Team LLC, has launched the pet face mask that makes pet owners feel less guilty when having to mask their dog.

The wearable filtered face mask was designed to help protect dogs from airborne threats. Kirby came up with the idea after the recent surge of wildfires across California.

According to the company website, Kirby began to wonder how dogs stay safe from the pollution and air quality amid the fires on their walks, even the short ones. There was no obvious solution, so Kirby asked Evan to join him on the quest to create a product that would help solve the air quality problem for pets.

Soon, thanks to the cousins, K9 Face Mask was born.


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It was designed to fit the shape of a dog’s snout. The mask also has an adjustable neck and mask straps to fit various dog breeds.

Each mask comes with extreme breathable air filters that have four layers of filtration to ensure dogs are breathing the most purified air.

The product also helps eliminate the stress of a muzzle because of the mask design and the air filter. K9 Face Mask’s Instagram feed features a slew of happy customers.

Where can you buy K9 Face Mask product?

All manufacturing for the pet face mask takes place in the United States. Thanks to their Kickstarter campaign last year, Evan and Kirby have launched the product via the company website and Amazon.


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The new pet product can be purchased for $59. It comes in four different sizes, with black, pink, red, orange, or blue color options.

Although Kirby and Evan have had some success, they are looking to get their product into retail stores ASAP. If their stint on Shark Tank goes well, pet owners will have even more access to this product, helping make the world a healthier place for dogs.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.