JWoww confronts Angelina Pivarnick after she receives shady security video

JWoww confronts Angelina Pivarnick after she receives shady security video
Jenni Farley doesn’t know what to do with security footage she received. Pic credit: Jersey Shore/MTV

Jenni “JWoww” Farley may have found something spectacular, as she has got a video that reportedly shows Jersey Shore: Family Vacation co-star Angelina Pivarnick “going into her side-boo’s home.” The bombshell comes from a clip teasing the next episode of the show, which features a confrontation between the two.

The tease doesn’t show too many specifics, although it does show that the two will sit down to take about the issue. JWoww also gets advice from co-star Mike Sorrentino, who seemed surprised about the news.

JWoww gets a video of Angelina Pivarnick entering “her side-boo’s home”

In the clip, which the Jersey Shore Twitter page shared, Mike asked his co-star about the “supposed side-boo.” The clip then cuts to JWoww and Angelina talking, with the former bringing up what the video footage includes.

For her part, Angelina seems disgusted, although the teaser ends with JWoww gasping that “I just got the video.” The news comes hot on the heels of Angelina admitting that she and her husband, Chris Larangeira, were having problems.

The admission came on last week’s episode of the show. In real life, however, fans had speculated whether or not they had already split; it looked as though they had unfollowed each other on Instagram, prompting speculation.

Recent episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation have revealed that Chris and Angelina Pivarnick have been having a few other issues. Speaking to some of her co-stars, for example, the 34-year-old noted that she essentially didn’t have a sex life.

Should speculation that she’s having an affair prove accurate, then it’s unclear if the admission came before or after that particular episode filmed.

Angelina married Chris Larangeira in November 2019, with their marriage ceremony being televised.

At that time, the nuptials went off the rails, with JWoww having a hand in it. Whether the footage that the star claims to have plays a role in the marriage failing, if it actually does so, remains to be seen.

More drama on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Speaking of weddings, JWoww is set to marry Zack Carpinello, although it’s expected that the ceremony won’t go as smoothly as the pair want. That’s primarily because of Angelina, who may be making a speech on the day.

She even asked co-star Vinny to help with her payback, although he didn’t want any involvement. Regardless, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star seems to be happy with her fiance and plans to stay faithful. That recently disappointed fans, who were somewhat hopeful for a hookup between her and Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio.

The pair were seen flirting during a reunion, prompting speculation that it could happen.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs 8/7c on MTV on Thursday nights.

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