Justin Glaze and Noah Erb become ‘best friends’ at Stagecoach

Justin Glaze
Justin Glaze and Noah Erb drink and dance at Stagecoach over the weekend. Pic credit: ABC

Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer attended Stagecoach 2022, looking as in love as ever together.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 couple linked up with several familiar faces with The Bachelor franchise over the festival weekend.

Noah Erb, particularly, had a good time with The Bachelorette Season 17 star Justin Glaze over the festival’s weekend as the bros strengthened their bond.

Noah Erb and Justin Glaze vibe at Stagecoach

Justin Glaze, Noah Erb, and Noah’s BIP girlfriend Abigail Heringer took to their Instagram stories to give friends and followers glimpses into their fun weekend at Stagecoach. 

Noah and Justin appeared to be the best of friends, with Justin re-sharing a post from Abigail of the pair drinking and dancing while in their western-inspired outfits. 

Abigail wrote, “These boys have been on the same wavelength all weekend.” 

Justin added that their vibe was courtesy of whiskey.

Noah Erb and Justin Glaze
Pic credit: @justinglaze/Instagram

Justin also re-shared a photo of him with his arm around Noah as they posed by a pool with palm trees behind them. Abigail, who initially shared the photo, wrote, “Saturdays are for the…”

Justin added, “Did we just become best friends??” and Noah fittingly wore a “Support Your Friends” shirt.  

Noah Erb and Justin Glaze
Pic credit: @justinglaze/Instagram

Noah shared a clip of him and Justin drinking by the pool, writing, “Had to show these Cali boys how to shotgun.” 

Noah Erb and Justin Glaze
Pic credit: @noah_erb/Instagram

Noah Erb praises Justin Glaze’s photography and boyfriend skills 

Abigail showed off her Stagecoach attire with the help of Justin, and Noah praised Justin’s commitment to getting the perfect angles for Abigail’s photos. 

Noah took to his Instagram stories to share a photo of Abigail posing in a sheer lacy black dress with black boots and red-tinted sunglasses. The image also included a view of Justin contorting his body to get a perfect shot. 

Noah wrote of The Bachelorette Season 17 artist, “Get you a insta boyfriend like [Justin Glaze].” 

Justin re-shared Noah’s post to further hype up his own skills. Justin wrote, “Ok y’all see the leg angel-contortion-to avoid shadow in the pic- dedication!? Book me.” 

Justin Glaze takes photo of Abigail Heringer
Pic credit: @justinglaze/Instagram

Along with having a weekend bromance with Noah and helping Abigail flaunt her fashion, Justin enjoyed showing off his own Stagecoach outfit. 

Justin shared a photo in front of a Ferris wheel while wearing a brown and yellow patterned vest, brown pants, and a white ripped tee. 

Justin captioned the post, “Pulled up to the festival looking like someone’s auntie.” 

While Justin Glaze and Noah Erb didn’t appear in the same season of The Bachelorette, they seem to have become great friends and now join the list of fun bromances within Bachelor Nation. 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC. 

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