Julie LaPlaca denies kissing Peter Weber and his mom Barbara reacts

Peter Weber and Julie LaPlaca
Peter Weber and Julie LaPlaca aren’t dating according to her. Pic credit: @julielaplaca/Instagram

Julie LaPlaca is a name we didn’t really know until this season of The Bachelor.

She was a producer on Peter Weber’s season but has worked on various other seasons throughout the years.

She started showing up in some photos with Peter, and it didn’t take long for a rumor to surface about Peter and Julie hooking up.

While Peter has settled the rumor by sharing his conclusion to the season on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose special, Julie has never said anything.

That is – until now.

Julie LaPlaca denies kissing Peter Weber on New Year’s Eve

On Instagram, Julie posted a photo that fans had yet to see on Instagram from New Year’s Eve, where she was spotted with Peter Weber.

In the post, she confirms that she was spotted with Peter in New York on New Year’s Eve, but also added that they did not kiss at midnight.

She then revealed that she hopes he finds his co-pilot for life, shutting down any rumors that they could give it a shot now that production has come to an end.

Julie LaPlaca did win Barbara’s heart on The Bachelor

Even though she didn’t win Peter’s heart on The Bachelor, she did win one person’s heart — and that person is Barbara.

She was reportedly caught commenting on E! News’ post about Julie’s statement. Here, she revealed that she loved Julie and that she always has loved her and always will.

So, should LaPlaca change her mind about Peter, Barbara will be waiting with open arms.

It’s interesting she’s digging Julie, considering she made her dislike for Madison Prewett known on the Bachelor finale on Tuesday.

She essentially said that she didn’t like Madison and the two of them didn’t stand a chance. They would break up less than two days later.

Even though Peter’s mom was called the worst mother-in-law ever after the Bachelor: After The Final Rose episode, Peter is standing by his mother’s side.

He is currently single and hanging out at home with his family as per his Instagram activity.

Before Julie and Peter addressed the producer rumor, an ABC executive spoke out about their relationship, revealing that they are indeed very, very close.

While nothing is going on with them now, Julie and Peter could be friends for years to come.

The Bachelor is set to return in January 2021.

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