Juliana Custodio defends Larissa Lima after follower calls her ‘selfish’

Juliana Custodio defends Larissa Lima from haters who call her selfish for not bringing her kids to America.
Juliana Custodio defends Larissa Lima from haters who call her selfish for not bringing her kids to America. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance’s Juliana Custodio came to Larissa Lima’s defense against haters who shamed Larissa for her work in a magic show.

The fan favorite’s defense of the controversial star had some followers praising Juliana for her kindness.

Many followers were happy that Larissa found a ‘job’

A post originally uploaded to magician Jack Alexander’s Instagram account was re-shared to a 90 Day Fiance fan account.

And while many of the comments were supportive of Larissa’s new venture, some weren’t so kind.

“I’d rather she put her children first like she claimed she wanted so bad to do,” said one comment. “But all that surgery could’ve been spent to bring her kids here for a better life!!!! She’s selfish and conceited!!!”

Juliana’s first comment was to give the follower some perspective from someone who understands Larissa’s situation.

“Believe me she probably help them more being here and working whatever she is doing, then if she was in Brazil,” she started. “So we cannot judge what we don’t know.”

The follower then clapped back, saying, “I know what I watch, and all I see her doing is getting surgeries and asking her dad for 5000 dollars.”

“I’m not judging her at all,” the comment continued, “but I’m convinced she did not come over here for her kids. If so why is she asking for money from her dad in Brazil?”

Other followers attacked Juliana for trying to defend Larissa

“Shut up you have no f**king kids so you can’t speak,” said one vicious comment.

Being the mature soul that she is, Juliana responded to the comment with education instead of anger.

“Well I don’t have kids but I take care of my whole family since I was a child, teenager and now I still do without any help,” she wrote.

Juliana lives with her husband, Michael Jessen, and shares custody of his two children from a previous marriage.

She also provided another viewpoint, writing, “They can have a better life here, but doesn’t mean they will no[t] suffer far away from their culture, friends, family. I suffer and I’m an adult, imagine a kid!!!”

Larissa’s controversial decisions have some calling her ‘selfish’

After being fired from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Larissa was ready to move on and up to better things.

She’s had major success with her OnlyFans account, claiming that she brings in more money in a month from the platform than she did during her contract with the TLC franchise.

More recently, it was announced she’s working as an assistant in a magic show.

However, all of this doesn’t seem to mean much to followers who believe Larissa is spending money on the wrong things.

“I respect your opinion,” a follower said to Juliana’s defense of Larissa, “but I just think she is a selfish person from what they show on tv. I couldn’t be without my children but that’s just me.”

Juliana kindly responded, “I respect your opinion too. Everyone have one.”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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