Julia Trubkina has gone back to dancing despite objections from husband Brandon Gibbs

90 Day Fiance star Julia Trubkina close-up
Julia Trubkina is dancing again. Pic credit: TLC

Julia Trubkina is getting martial advice after she recently revealed that she’s gone back to dancing.

The problem is not so much that the 90 Day Fiance star is showing off her dance moves again, it’s that her husband Brandon Gibbs is totally against it.

Julia made that very admission in the post and said that they can’t seem to find a compromise.

However, her social media followers are sounding off, and much like Brandon, they’re not too happy with the Russian native for going ahead with her decision despite the objection from her husband.

Based on previous updates we’ve seen from the couple, things appeared to be going well between them, but now there might be trouble in paradise.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Brandon and Julia on TV, but they’ve been sharing a lot of their lives on social media. However, Julia’s latest revelation has people concerned about her marriage.

90 Day Fiance star Julia Trubkina is dancing again despite objections from Brandon Gibbs

Julia recently got honest with her 236,000 Instagram followers and told them, “I decided to return to dancing again.”

She posted a racy photo in a gold and black dance outfit and admitted that she doesn’t like her body, due to the changes that come with age, but reasoned that now is the best time to get back into dancing.

“When if not now?” questioned Julia, who added, “Brandon is against this kind of work for the summer. But I’ve already gone for an interview. and now we can’t find a compromise.”

Julia Trubkina’s supporters tell her to respect her husband

After sharing that information online, Julia got a slew of advice from her followers who warned her that her decision could have dire consequences on her marriage.

“Doesn’t sound like you want your marriage to work…. if your husband is not ok with you dancing for strangers and showing off the parts of your body that should be kept sacred for marriage you very well will lose him,” said one commenter.

“You should respect what your husband is saying, he wants you to be safe yet you go behind his back,” reasoned someone else.

One Instagram user said, “And things like this is why the divorce rate is so high these days. No respect for each other in the marriage.”

Julia Trubkina gets advice about her marriage.
Pic credit: @juliatrubkina1993/Instagram

Another person added, “Your marriage has so much potential, you two are so cute together. Why would you jeopardize a beautiful marriage! Honor your husband and he will honor you!!! Dancing is not worth giving up your family! 💕.”

Julia Trubkina gets advice about her marriage.
Pic credit: @juliatrubkina1993/Instagram

Do you think Julia should go ahead and dance despite Brandon’s objections? Sound off in the comments

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