90 Day Fiance fans weigh in on Julia’s raunchy dance during her fitness instructor interview

Julia Trubkina
Julia had an interview to be a fitness instructor and decided to do a raunchy dance to qualify her for the position Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance’s Julia Trubkina seemed to have misunderstood the position she was applying for because she danced very raunchily in heels for her interview as a fitness instructor instead of showcasing the strength training that was asked for.

The gym owner who interviewed Julia was attempting to tell her to start with weights when Julia whipped out clear stiletto heels and performed a dance routine.

What Julia performed was more of a sexy cage dancing routine that involved risque floor moves. The interviewer was clearly shook because he was not expecting that. After the performance, he asked Julia how she would teach those moves and she awkwardly tried to go step by step with the interviewer.

In the end the gym owner told her that she needed to get certifications before she could work there.

The entirely odd job interview that went in an unexpected direction really caught the attention of viewers who reacted on social media to Julia’s performance.

90 Day Fiance viewers reacted to Julia’s dance routine

Julia’s dance performance was definitely not what the interviewer was asking for and it appeared that Julia totally missed the mark on understanding the requirements of the position.

The position was for a fitness instructor, which the interviewer said involved strength training, weights, and teaching dance moves. Julia does have a background in go-go dancing and it looks like that’s what she showcased.

90 Day Fiance viewers reacted hilariously to Julia thinking that a raunchy dance performance in heels would qualify her for the position.

One onlooker said, “I swear I almost fell off my couch when Julia pulled out the Stilettos at an interview to be a gym instructor.”

The fact that Julia did a cage dance routine for her interview as a fitness instructor had some people dying laughing.

Another person also remarked about Julia’s choice to bring and wear heels for her interview.

Someone also brought up the fact that Julia totally ignored the instructor’s directions.

Viewers are over Julia and Brandon’s storyline on Happily Ever After? this season

Julia and Brandon have been living at Brandon’s parent’s house and farm, which has annoyed Julia since they were featured on 90 Day Fiance. They are attempting to get their own place this season but fans are already over their storyline.

Julia has been called thirsty by critics who think that she has been trying to garner interest and make herself relevant again through her Instagram stories.

It’s possible that there will be upcoming surprises from Brandon and Julia on Happily Ever After? this season, so viewers will have to continue watching to find out.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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