Joy-Anna Duggar’s daughter Evelyn resembles Jinger Duggar

Joy-Anna Duggar car selfie
Joy-Anna Duggar has followers thinking Evelyn looks like Jinger. Pic credit: @joy4site/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar is excellent at sharing her kids with her followers.

She and Austin Forsyth have decided to continue living in the public eye, sharing their adventures with followers who have watched Joy-Anna grow up on camera.

Their children, Gideon, Evelyn, and Gunner, are often featured on Joy-Anna’s social media pages, and they appear in the vlog nearly every week.

A recent photo dump has followers discussing Evelyn’s resemblance to her aunt, Jinger Duggar.

Interestingly, in the beginning, many followers claimed the little girl was her dad’s double. Evelyn and Austin look like twins, but as she grows, she looks more like her rebel aunt.

Perhaps the curly hair has everyone comparing the aunt and niece duo.

Evelyn Forsyth ‘looks like Jinger’

Joy-Anna Duggar shared a carousel of photos on Instagram, revealing some fun moments with Austin Forsyth and their three children.

In the third picture, Evelyn is posing on what appears to be a coffee table. Her light-colored eyes and blonde hair stand out as she gazes to the right of the camera.

Followers immediately commented about how Joy-Anna and Austin’s children look happy, and a few mentioned Evelyn’s resemblance to Jinger Duggar.

One wrote, “I see alot of Jinger in Evie!❤️”

Another said, “Love watching your children grow. I see your siblings in your kids. This picture of your daughter looks like jinger and the baby has always reminded me so much of James.”

Other comments mentioned the Forsyths have the “happiest” kids.

Joy-Anna Duggar's followers weigh in on Evelyn looking like Jinger Duggar
Pic credit: @joy4site/Instagram

Joy-Anna and Jinger Duggar are close

During a recent Q&A session, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she is closest to Jinger Duggar in this season of life.

The sisters spent time together earlier this month when Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth flew with their kids to see Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo and their daughters in California.

Gideon and Felicity have a close cousin bond, and it’s clear the sisters and their husbands get along really well.

There was speculation about whether the former Counting On couple would move to California because they visit Jinger and Jeremy at least once a year, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Joy-Anna and Austin want to remain in Arkansas, at least as far as they can tell.

However, the sisters work to keep their bond strong, talking on the phone and video chatting when they have time. Joy-Anna revealed it ebbs and flows with life with how much contact the siblings have, but she and Jinger have seemingly been close in their adult years.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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