Joy-Anna Duggar talks moving to California

Joy-Anna Duggar vlogging in the car
Joy-Anna Duggar continues to give followers updates on her weekly vlog. Pic credit: @followtheforsyths5/YouTube

Joy-Ana Duggar hosted a Q&A session in place of her weekly vlog about her life with Austin Forsyth and their three children.

The couple recently visited Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in California, and it seems to be a yearly thing.

Actually, it is a yearly thing, as Joy-Anna discussed during her recent vlog Q&A.

Jinger teased the couple moving in her vlog about their adventures in California earlier this month but didn’t reveal whether they had broached the topic.

However, Joy-Anna discussed whether she and Austin would consider moving to the West Coast when someone asked about their plans and her recent visit with her sister and brother-in-law.

So, could followers possibly see the Forsyths on the West Coast permanently?

Joy-Anna Duggar reveals thoughts on California move

Joy-Anna Duggar was very upfront about the intentions she and Austin Forsyth have when it comes to moving to California.

She feels like if God leads her there, the family would go, but it isn’t in their plans. They eventually want to move a bit out of town, but not necessarily onto Austin’s family’s property.

Visiting Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo is a yearly thing for the couple. This past visit earlier this month was their third year there. Her sister and brother-in-law would love for them to move out that way.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be in their plans, as they are more settled on living in Arkansas. They want to move into a more rural area, but not to the West Coast.

It’s also important to note that Jinger and Jeremy are far more worldly than Austin and Joy-Anna. They aren’t as exposed as the California couple, which was noted when Austin and Jeremy were riding together while filming for Squid Games was happening nearby. When Jeremy joked about it, Austin looked perplexed.

Joy-Anna Duggar revealed she talks to Jinger Duggar most

Another one of the questions asked was regarding which sister she talks to the most.

While acknowledging it changes, Jinger Duggar is who Joy-Anna Duggar talks to the most. They seem to have a very close bond, and when Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo visited Arkansas last spring, they stayed with Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth.

The men also have a close bond and pick at each other more like brothers than some of the other in-laws.

Despite not living close to one another, the girls are still very close.

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