Jinger Duggar shares sisters adventures, viewers more interested in Jeremy Vuolo and Austin Forsyth

Jinger Duggar selfie
Jinger Duggar shared some of her adventures with Joy-Anna Duggar. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar beat her big sister, Jinger Duggar, in getting up her California vlog.

Followers saw everything from Joy-Anna’s point of view last week, and now, they can see what everything looked like from Jinger’s standpoint.

Interestingly enough, Jeremy Vuolo did much of the video for their vlog. He attempted to do his best to be funny, but some of it didn’t land.

Jinger and Jeremy took Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth to more touristy things, including a trolley ride and a trip to the automobile museum.

The couples appear to get along incredibly, with the girls splitting up to ride together while the guys ride together with Gideon and Felicity.

And it was the guys who stole the show as viewers gushed over their friendship.

Duggar followers gush over ‘playful banter’

Jeremy Vuolo narrated most of the California video, but Jinger Duggar teased there would be a part two.

The guys filmed a lot together, with Jeremy opening the video introducing Austin Forsyth.

There was a lot of joking between Jeremy and Austin, which got the comments on their YouTube channel.

One commenter wrote, “The playful banter between Jer and Austin is PRICELESS!!”

Another said, “Like watching the two men interact in their friendship, very different personalities.”

Others mentioned the cousin relationship between Felicity and Gideon “does the heart good,” and more said that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin wouldn’t be moving to California anytime soon.

Comments un Jinger Duggar's YouTube share
Pic credit: @JingerandJeremy/YouTube

Joy-Anna Duggar let loose while in California

Joy-Anna Duggar and Jinger Duggar did some shopping while in California.

The sisters modeled some of their outfits on their Instagram Stories, and we know Jim Bob Duggar was fit to be tied.

Joy-Anna has done many surprising things in the new year, including cutting her hair short, cutting Everlyn’s hair, and modeling jeans in a full-length mirror.

She has worn pants and jeans for quite some time now and feels comfortable sharing them with the world. Jinger has always been the fashion rebel, buying a $300 blazer on Rodeo Drive while still filming Counting On.

It seems Joy-Anna and Jinger may be the closest older sisters. The two often see each other, with Joy-Anna and Austin heading to the West Coast twice within the last year. And Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo spent time in Arkansas last spring.

For now, though, Joy-Anna and Austin don’t appear to be in a rush to move near Jinger and Jeremy.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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