Joy-Anna Duggar wants to be known outside of her family, not lumped with them

Joy-Anna Duggar still from her vlog
Joy-Anna Duggar wants followers to get to know her. Pic credit: @followtheforsyths5/YouTube

Joy-Anna Duggar did a Q&A session for her weekly blog update.

She took several questions sent in from Instagram and answered some of the most popular ones.

There is a fascination with the Duggar family – for better or worse.

She and Austin Forsyth have decided to continue living in the spotlight following the cancellation of Counting On, and she acknowledged that when discussing being a public figure.

The mom of three was asked about how she dealt with online criticism, which seemingly stirred some emotion from her.

Being one of the Duggar daughters likely isn’t easy, but she isn’t doing herself any favors by continuing to align with the majority of her siblings.

Joy-Anna Duggar wants people to get to know her

While talking about how many comments she reads online, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she has to pick and choose what she acknowledges.

She discussed her choice to live in the spotlight following the cancellation of Counting On. Some of her siblings chose to walk away, but she wants to continue sharing her journey and life with her followers.

Joy-Anna also talked about wanting to be known for being herself and not being lumped into the family as a whole. She is an individual with a personality and her own thoughts and feelings.

She decided to make an interesting point, which leads us to believe this is something she has mulled over for quite some time.

More questions for Joy-Anna to answer

Aside from her identity talk, Joy-Anna Duggar also went through some of the more light-hearted questions.

The topic of a move to California was addressed. She and Austin Forsyth have gone there once a year for the last three years, and the relationship between Jeremy Vuolo and Austin is hysterical.

She was also honest about her struggle to get the right mindset regarding her walk with God. Joy-Anna shared a look at the new Bible she got from Austin. Her walk is probably different now that she has two sisters who denounced the religion they grew up in and called out the wrongs taught.

There was also confirmation she still sees several of her siblings at church. Joy-Anna mentioned Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu as the ones she often hangs out with.

Jinger remains the sister she is closest to and talks to the most. This is likely because talking to her big sister is safe without fear of judgment or broken trust.

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