Joy-Anna Duggar wears pants for bags with Carlin Bates

Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates selfie.
Joy-Anna Duggar is spending time with Carlin Bates. Pic credit: @joy4site/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar is visiting her BFF, Carlin Bates.

The two have been friends for years, dealing with each other’s ups and downs.

Both are reality TV stars, though their respective shows have been canceled. Joy-Anna was on Counting On, and Carlin was part of Bringing Up Bates.

Their families are part of the IBLP and have been friends for a long time. Several of the Duggar and Bates siblings have developed friendships over the years, and Jana Duggar was rumored to be involved with Lawson Bates for years. They did not end up together, and the families haven’t had any children marry each other.

Carlin shared some fun photos of Joy-Anna and her hanging out with their kids and enjoying some fun time.

How long Joy-Anna will be staying with Carlin wasn’t clear.

Joy-Anna Duggar wears pants while playing cornhole

One of the photos Carlin Bates shared on Instagram included her and Joy-Anna Duggar playing cornhole. Both ladies wore pants, but it was shocking to see Joy-Anna in something other than a skirt.

For the most part, Joy-Anna has continued to dress in skirts and dresses, though she has been spotted in pants on occasion. The Duggar dress code was much stricter than the Bates family had laid out for their daughters.

Carlin and Joy-Anna wearing pants.
Pic credit: @carlinbates98/Instagram

At the bottom of the photo, Carlin wrote, “Game on”

Jinger Duggar was the first Duggar sister to wear pants, and since then, several older girls have followed suit. Joy-Anna wears pants less than her big sisters, though.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates have a special bond

Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates have been through a lot together.

Carlin showed up when Joy-Anna had to deliver her daughter Annabell at around 20 weeks gestation because she no longer had a heartbeat. She did her makeup and hair for the photos Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth took with their baby girl and showed up to support her.

They each stood up at each other’s weddings and make it a point to see each other often. Joy-Anna and Carlin are one of the very few friendship duos followers know. Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie are another, but they spend way more time together than Joy-Anna and Carlin.

A little getaway and girl time was something Joy-Anna Duggar likely needed. She and Carlin Bates jive well together and always share fun memories when they spend time with each other and their kids.

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1 year ago

Pants for bags, what does that even mean?

1 year ago
Reply to  james

I was confused at first, too. It means she wore pants while playing bags (another name for Cornhole). They’re just trying to have a concise title for the article.

1 year ago

Oh good grief. Joy has been seen multiple times in pants. Your reports are so decidedly one-sided, critical and ill-researched.