Joy-Anna Duggar teases fun with Austin Forsyth

Joy-Anna Duggar talking to the camera
Joy-Anna Duggar shares fun things happening. Pic credit: @followtheforsyths5/YouTube

Joy-Anna Duggar teased some fun updates when she returned from her month away at the beginning of the month.

However, the updates were more recappy, with a few fun things thrown out for followers.

Ahead of her weekly vlog, Joy-Anna’s short haircut caused quite a stir. She shared an ad on her Instagram Story, which debuted the new cut.

Interestingly enough, the former Counting On star revealed she cut her hair. There were several clips of her doing it in the bathroom, and the finished product was featured, as well as her genuine excitement over how it turned out.

Austin Forsyth’s reaction wasn’t captured, and it was probably for the best. When he was filmed during her first haircut, it didn’t do him any favors. He wasn’t thrilled about it, and he received plenty of backlash.

The couple seems to be in a good spot in the new year, and Austin appears more relaxed in the vlogs.

Joy-Anna Duggar is talking dance lessons — but don’t expect a Dancing with the Stars appearance

One of the surprises Joy-Anna Duggar shared with followers was that she and Austin Forsyth were taking dance lessons.

It was a birthday gift for her, and the couple decided to upgrade their package and are getting enjoyment out of it. She explained they learned salsa and a few others, and the rumba was coming up.

Austin joked about being prepared for Dancing with the Stars. However, that’s not an option for several reasons.

Between the wardrobe and the very secular music choices, there are more negatives than positives for the reality TV star. There is also the close nature of dancing with a partner who isn’t their spouse.

Joy-Anna Duggar has a trip to California on the agenda

Another fun tidbit Joy-Anna Duggar shared was the upcoming trips she and Austin Forsyth have planned.

Seeing Jinger Duggar is at the top of the list. When it will happen wasn’t shared, but it is coming up. It’s interesting that Joy-Anna is so close to Jinger but doesn’t try to connect with Jill Duggar.

A big trip is planned with the Forsyth family, and likely some camping trips or other Duggar-oriented plans at some point throughout the year.

Joy-Anna teased more goals for the new year and shared that she and Austin were on an entertainment fast with no movies or shows for the entire month. They want to return to being present in life and not focus on things that don’t matter.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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