Joy-Anna Duggar shares family fire as Duggars band together after Jill Duggar’s bombshell memoir

Joy-Anna Duggar car selfie
Joy-Anna Duggar shares Duggar sibling hangout. Pic credit: @joy4site/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth aren’t chancing their inheritance being taken away.

After Jill Duggar’s bombshell Counting The Cost memoir, the Duggar family is seemingly banding together.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar hosted a family vacation in Destin, Florida, where nearly the siblings showed up. Noticeably missing were Jill and Jinger Duggar.

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The Duggar siblings seem to be banding together after a text was issued from Jim Bob in the family chat that threatened to disinherit anyone who spoke out against him following Jill’s book release.

Jedidiah Duggar immediately jumped to Jim Bob’s response following the release, and all siblings (except Jinger) have remained quiet about Counting the Cost.

Despite not seeing many gatherings since Counting On was canceled three years ago, Duggar family nights appear to be back.

Joy-Anna Duggar shares Duggar sibling gathering

On her Instagram Story, Joy-Anna Duggar captured a fire in the firepit, which appeared in her backyard.

She panned around the fire, showing off the gathering she was seemingly hosting, and several of her siblings and in-laws were spotted chatting and sitting around the blaze.

Jedidah Duggar was clearly sitting in front of the fire, and Hannah Wissmann was captured with Brynley on her lap. Jessa Duggar was spotted beside Joy-Anna, and some men were in the back toward the house in the video.

The siblings enjoyed a fall night around the fire, but why is everyone hanging out suddenly?

Where does Joy-Anna Duggar stand with Jill Duggar?

Interestingly, Joy-Anna Duggar was part of Jill Duggar’s buddy team growing up.

The sisters and their little sister, Jennifer Duggar, were incredibly close. James Duggar was also a part of the team and remained close to his sister until recently.

During a Q&A session that Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar participated in while camping, they revealed they would read Jill’s book. Both admitted curiosity but didn’t expand beyond that. Austin said he wanted to know what was written, and Joy-Anna agreed.

There doesn’t appear to be much contact with Jill, though. Joy-Anna has been working in overdrive to show the family events but also making it clear that “not everyone” could attend or were present. The sisters have seen each other at family things, and Jill did show up for Joy-Anna’s gender reveal, but that was before Counting The Cost was announced.

Jill knew the book could cost her relationships, and it looks like it added some strained ones to the list, too.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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1 month ago

These people are flawed just like any Christian family. Do I think Jim Bob is right…nope..I believe they are in a cult…don’t understand the whole do as I say when children get married. It clearly states in the Bible that you leave your mom and dad and cleave unto your spouse…and threatening your children with disin heiritence?? wow….he must be really afraid. This much I know….God will be victor over all this….He and He alone decides…not Jim Bob