Joy-Anna Duggar reveals baby gender — Jill Duggar shows up to party

Joy-Anna and Austin address their gender reveal.
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth hosted a gender reveal. Pic credit: @FollowtheForsyths/YouTube

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth were the latest couple to announce they were expecting another baby.

Their little one will be grandchild number 30 for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. This was a shock as, according to records, Joy-Anna and Austin’s baby should be number 27.

Thanks to the fall family festival video, we could determine that one of those three unaccounted-for grandchildren was baby number two for Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar.

In all of the excitement for their new pregnancy, Joy-Anna and Austin were eager to find out the gender of their little one. They put together an event earlier this week, where Jana Duggar held the envelope, and they found out along with the rest of their family and friends in attendance.

Before the big reveal, Joy-Anna walked around asking people their guesses. Familiar faces popped up, including Duggar family friend Laura DeMasie, Abbie Grace Burnett, Jill Duggar, and several of the younger Duggar daughters.

Seeing Jill there was a bit of a shock, especially since she was sitting next to her dad, Jim Bob Duggar, while holding her newest little guy, Freddy. Derick Dillard did not appear to be in attendance, though Israel and Samuel were.

What is Joy-Anna Duggar having?

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth found out they were expecting while on a trip to Alaska earlier this year.

They announced their pregnancy early, as Joy-Anna is just now leaving her first trimester.

She is due in the latter half of May. By our estimate, it will likely be around May 23. Joy-Anna has shared some weekly pictures; based on those, that is a safe bet.

While many at the general reveal gave their guesses, it was confirmed that Joy-Anna and Austin will welcome a son in May 2023.

Jill Duggar surprisingly appears at gender reveal

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth hosted their gender reveal earlier this week.

It was cold in Arkansas as the attendees appeared to be dressed for winter.

Jill Duggar was spotted on the couch holding her little one, Freddy, when she was cornered for a gender guess. She chose boy, which was correct.

Interestingly enough, Jim Bob Duggar was standing right next to Jill. Israel was also sitting on the couch with his mom. Derick Dillard was nowhere in sight, which isn’t surprising. He is busy with work, and it seems that he is the one who isn’t fond of the Duggars and their rules.

She has opened up about differences of opinion with her family members, with some not agreeing with her. However, it appears she and Joy-Anna still have a decent bond. After all, they were on the same buddy team.

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