Joy-Anna Duggar reflects on heartbreaking miscarriage in Counting On new season

Joy-Anna Duggar broke down crying over miscarriage on Counting On premiere.
Joy-Anna and Austin recall breaking down over learning their daughter Annabell didn’t have a heartbeat. Pic credit: @JoyForsyth/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar reflected on her heartbreaking miscarriage in the Counting On season premiere.

Season 11 kicked off on Tuesday night. It will feature two devastating Duggar family miscarriages.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and husband Jeremy Vuolo revealed their miscarriage is featured on the TLC show. The couple has even opened up about how it will feel to relive the moment on television.

Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, also got candid in the premiere, reflecting on the most devastating time.

Accepting the heartbreaking truth

A routine 20-week ultra-sound to find out their baby’s gender turned out to be a devesting moment for Austin and Joy-Anna.

She spilled during the Season 11 premiere that instead of revealing the gender, the doctor informed the couple the baby didn’t have a heartbeat. Joy-Anna admitted she couldn’t grasp what was happening at first.

“I was like, ‘Oh, is your monitor messed up or whatever?’ But then I realized what she was telling us, and I was just devastated. I broke down crying,” Joy-Anna expressed on the reality TV show.

Austin echoed his wife’s sentiment that it was hard to accept the miscarriage happened. He also assumed something had to be wrong with the machine. Austin told Counting On viewers that he wanted to believe it was a mistake.

Honoring Annabell Elise

Joy-Anna had to be induced to deliver their stillborn daughter, Annabell Elise. The couple shared photos of them holding their baby girl moments before they laid her to rest. It was a raw moment both Austin and Joy-Anna believed fans should see in case it helped others who have suffered the same loss.


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One year without her. . It’s been a year since we found out that we lost Annabell. I remember leaving our ultrasound appointment, sobbing and wondering how we were ever going to move forward, and so fearful of having to deliver her. It hurts to look back at these pictures and remember the pain and heartbreak, but when I do look back I am so thankful for how far we’ve come… how God has given us more joy, peace, & healing than I ever thought we would have again. . We love you, Annabell Elise!? . Thank you for all of your prayers and love for our family over this past year. . The second picture was my last bump photo with her. #AnnabellEliseForsyth #oneyear #angelbaby #wemissyou #inthearmsofJesus

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Austin recalled his main focus at first was on his wife. He wanted to make sure Joy-Anna was okay before allowing himself to process the miscarriage.

The couple decided to bury Annabell at a place full of happy memories. They chose Fort Rock, which is where they had their first date and where they got engaged. Joy-Anna and Austin planted a tree next to their daughter’s headstone to “watch her grow.”

As fans know, Austin and Joy-Anna are expecting their rainbow baby, another girl, in August. It has been a crazy year since the miscarriage. They both agree it has been challenging and joyful at the same time.

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and husband Austin Forsyth opened up about the miscarriage she suffered last summer on the premiere of Counting On. Viewers will watch this season as the couple mourns their daughter but also learns they are pregnant again.

Counting On airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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