Joy-Anna Duggar makes big announcement, teases moving

Joy-Anna Duggar up close
Joy-Anna Duggar shared big news. Pic credit: @followtheforsyths5/YouTube

Joy-Anna Duggar has been updating fans on her life via YouTube for quite some time.

The Counting On star has used social media to share her day-to-day life, updates on her famous family, and more.

However, all of that is about to change.

With the latest release of her vlog, Joy-Anna revealed she will be saying goodbye to vlogging — at least for now.

While Jessa Duggar used to be the go-to for updates on the Duggar family, Joy-Anna has recently offered them. She has captured camping trips, sister sleepovers, and more.

So why is Joy-Anna quitting YouTube and pulling back on social media?

Joy-Anna Duggar announces the end of her vlog

Every Friday for months, new content from Joy-Anna Duggar and her little family is offered.

However, this last installment was her goodbye to vlogging, with the previous video being the end of the run for now.

Joy-Anna revealed that this season in life is busier for her, especially with Gideon and Evelyn getting older. She must focus on schooling and other things that rank above social media.

She also mentioned that she and Austin Forsyth may be moving within a year but didn’t offer any more information. Perhaps her break from social media will help to get things in order.

Why did Joy-Anna Duggar decide to pull back from social media?

While she isn’t completely done with sharing her life with her followers, Joy-Anna Duggar is choosing to use Instagram a bit more. It won’t be much, but updates will be available occasionally.

The announcement has seemingly come out of nowhere. She recently hosted a Q&A session on her vlog about how her sisters’ books affected her thoughts on religion and made her question things.

It could be that Jim Bob Duggar took issue with that, especially after Jinger Duggar recently did a podcast and talked about how “kids raising kids” affected her childhood.

Joy-Anna hasn’t said much else since. Her most recent vlogs have focused on their family life and a choking incident with Gunner.

Unfortunately, fans and critics will likely not learn the entire truth behind her decision to step back from social media, especially if Jim Bob had a hand in it. There has been speculation that something big is happening within the family when Jana Duggar returned to social media after a years-long hiatus, and Jason Duggar debuted his new lady love.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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