Jason Duggar reveals girlfriend after she calls him ‘best wedding date’

Jason Duggar in a Counting On confessional
Jason Duggar shared more information about his lady love. Pic credit: TLC

After weeks of waiting to find out who Jason Duggar was involved with, he finally gave followers a girlfriend reveal.

Many guesses suggested she was a Langdon girl, either Claire or Emma. There was also speculation that she may have been a Bates daughter, although that isn’t the case.

The two attended a wedding together over the weekend, and while it was clear Jason’s girlfriend wasn’t as modest as his family was raised to be, it seems she may not be a fundamentalist.

Jason and Maddie Jones were dressed in the same color—matching outfits for the wedding they attended, and they hung on each other’s arms.

Maddie is the name of the girl Jason is in a courtship/relationship with, and Maddie Grace shared the photo.

It’s unclear what their relationship is at this point because they seem to have forgone some of the Duggar courtship rules, and Maddie doesn’t dress as modestly as his sisters do/did.

Jason Duggar and his wedding date
Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

What do we know about Maddie Grace Jones?

Little is known about Maddie Grace Jones other than her name. She doesn’t appear to be a member of the well-known fundamentalist groups. However, it seems the Jones family knows the Bates family well, which is likely why the Bates family members were excited to comment when Jason Duggar made the announcement.

The Duggar Snark Reddit threads have found Maddie Grace’s last name to be Jones, which makes sense with her Instagram handle.

Comments about Jason Duggar's girlfriend
Pic credit: u/widget18899/Reddit

The Instagram handle that shared the initial post was @maddiegrace.j, which is only followed by Jason and James Duggar.

Are Jason Duggar and Maddie Grace Jones following courting rules?

The situation between Jason Duggar and Maddie Grace Jones is interesting.

Neither has publicly talked about their relationship or whether they are courting or dating. Typically, chaperones are present during courtship, which seems to be James Duggar’s duty.

Maddie raised flags when Jason announced he had a lady in his life, as she was dressed much less conservatively than any other in-law.

She is a walking Nike (the code word the Duggars used for immodestly dressed women) red flag. Her dress in the wedding photo shows her arms, and while it wasn’t super low-cut, it was not Duggar-approved wear.

Jason and Maddie may have been together since last fall when the Duggars took a family vacation to Florida. The photos were similar to those taken by some of the other Duggar couples on the beach.

Since Jason is opening up more about his lady love, we suspect a wedding is coming next. We are keeping an eye out for Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo to return to Arkansas, as that will be a tell-tale sign.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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