Joy-Anna Duggar celebrates Johannah Duggar’s 18th birthday

Johannah Duggar and Jennifer Duggar selfie
Johannah Duggar celebrated her 18th birthday. Pic credit: @duggarfam/Instagram

Another Duggar daughter celebrated her 18th birthday.

Johannah Duggar spent time with some of her sisters, Joy-Anna Duggar included, as she celebrated hitting the adulthood milestone.

She and Jana Duggar are the only two unmarried Duggar daughters, and both live at the compound Jim Bob Duggar has built over the years.

Joy-Anna made sure to share a post a photo with her sister to celebrate her special day, as the official Duggar account hasn’t been used in well over a year.

There has been a lot from Joy-Anna over the last few weeks, with her showing off the big Duggar family vacation (with Jill and Jinger Duggar being excluded), a sleepover with her younger sisters, and we’re expecting a vlog about Johannah tomorrow when she releases her new content.

With another Duggar daughter turning 18, we can’t help but wonder when the courting announcement will be made and how quickly the wedding will be planned.

October birthday girls celebrate

Joy-Anna Duggar shared a photo of herself alongside her new adult sister, Johannah Duggar.

There are only three more Duggars left who are under 18, and all of them are daughters.

Johannah and Joy-Anna are both October babies; their names are very similar, and they resemble each other quite a bit.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Johannah Duggar together
Joy-Anna and Johannah Duggar are both October babies. Pic credit: @joy4site/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar ramps up family support

Since the release of Jill Duggar’s memoir, Counting The Cost, Joy-Anna Duggar has made it a point to share lots of Duggar family content.

She’s gone above and beyond to ensure she is seen with her parents and siblings, only mentioning Jill’s book once. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth did confirm they planned to read the book, but that was all the information on that topic they gave followers.

Jill revealed that her father, Jim Bob Duggar, was adamant about the siblings being disinherited if they spoke out against him following the release of her book. It was in a family group text, so all the siblings saw it.

Joy-Anna ensured that followers knew “not everyone could make it” when she shared some of the Destin, Florida, vacation. But only Jill and Jinger Duggar were missing — perhaps not even invited.

It’s a lot to unpack, and Joy-Anna is the most active family member with her social media presence; she is likely sharing what her parents want the world to see.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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