Jovi denies drinking every day even though his 90 Day Fiance storyline makes it seem like he does

jovi from 90 day fiance
90 Day Fiance newcomer Jovi denies drinking every day, although that’s how he’s portrayed on the show. Pic credit: TLC

The new 90 Day Fiance couples are finding themselves in the spotlight as Season 8 unfolds.

They’re quickly learning that having your life on television often yields questions that you wouldn’t otherwise find yourself answering.

90 Day Fiance’s Jovi Dufren is learning just that. As his storyline with Yara Zaya unfolds, Jovi is finding that his drinking is the main topic of discussion.

Yara arrives in America, Jovi gets upset when she doesn’t want to party

Jovi likes to have a good time, this was made clear from the very beginning.

When he arrived to pick Yara up at the airport, he informed her that he had made plans for them that evening.

“Ready to see New Orleans?” he asks as they wait for their car.

“When? Tonight? No,” she responds.

While speaking to producers, they clearly have different ideas of how the night will go.

“I can’t wait to get out of here and we’ll go home, get changed up, and then we’ll take her out to Bourbon Street and let her see the real New Orleans,” he tells producers.

“Cool,” she responds. “Everything which I want to do tonight is just shower and bed, honestly.”

Once they arrive at their new apartment, Yara doesn’t seem too fond of the small space, but she says that she’s going to make the best of it.

However, her top priority for the remainder of the evening is to rest and unwind after her 30-hour flight, which contradicts with what Jovi was hoping.

She tells him that she would prefer to stay in, and he begrudgingly agrees.

Jovi pouts about not being able to show Yara the nightlife of Bourbon Street and makes it clear that he’s disappointed in her.

Jovi says he doesn’t drink every day

After Yara expresses her desire to stay in for the night, she changes into her pajamas and immediately requests that they go to bed. Jovi agrees and jokingly asks if they were going to get intimate for the first time in America.

Although he’s being portrayed as a hard-core party guy, Jovi says that that’s just not the case.

During a recent Instagram Q&A in his stories, Jovi said that contrary to what the show says, he doesn’t drink every day.

“Do you drink alcohol every day?” asked a curious follower.

Jovi responded, “not even close, but i do like to have a good time.”

screenshot from Jovi's Instagram confirming he doesn't drink every day.
Pic credit: @jovid11/Instagram

It’ll be interesting to see how his drinking impacts the couple’s storyline as the rest of the season unfolds.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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