Joss and Rogan of The Challenge appear to have officially ended their bromance

rogan o'connor on the challenge war of the worlds 2 reunion
Rogan and Joss appear to have ended their bromance. Pic credit: MTV

Joss and Rogan of The Challenge series, also known as Jogan to some, look like they have officially ended their bromance.

The two were involved in a friendship shown on the cameras for MTV’s reality competition shows, and often the backbone of some strong alliances.

That included their alliance on War of the Worlds 2, which ultimately helped Rogan make it to the final and win the big prize with his squad.

Joss and Rogan unfollow each other

In what has become commonplace for broken up relationships, Joss Mooney and Rogan O’Connor of The Challenge officially unfollowed one another on their official Instagram accounts.

According to a Stop Being Polite report, both Challenge competitors had to recently click unfollow to make this happen. That would seem to indicate the bromance has ended.

As of this writing, it’s unknown why the two reality TV stars chose to unfollow one another.

In a video three years ago, Joss and Rogan described how they ultimately became friends. It all started with a tweet from Rogan asking Joss if he could be his friend.

Joss said he ignored it at first but eventually accepted. The rest was history.

The former UK Ex on the Beach stars would compete on MTV’s Challenge Vendettas and War of the Worlds 2 shows. Joss also appeared on Final Reckoning, where he made it to the final with his partner Sylvia.

He and Sylvia would finish as runner-ups to Paulie and Natalie, and the winners- Ashley and Hunter.

However, it was Rogan who was part of a winning team on War of the Worlds 2. Joss nearly made it to the final but fell short as he was unlucky in terms of he and his partner’s slow time in a swimming challenge during a Purge.

Rogan returned for The Challenge: Total Madness but eventually lost in the finals in an elimination against Johnny Bananas. Joss was not part of that show’s cast, though.

Joss and Rogan commented on other cast members

Earlier this year, when they were still friends, Joss and Rogan of The Challenge had quite a bit to say about some of their fellow reality show castmates.

The duo appeared side-by-side for People TV’s Reality Check Cast on Blast interview. They were asked to give weaknesses for certain castmates.

For starters, they mentioned that Johnny Bananas is “old” and “just wants to nap” all the time.

The former friends also called Cara Maria “miserable,” saying they hadn’t really met her before The Challenge, and when they showed up, that’s how she seemed to be.

They also brought up her being “anti-social” and said they like Paulie.

When asked about Kayleigh, Rogan joked, “She can’t swim,” referring to why Joss lost in the swimming challenge he was partnered with her for on War of the Worlds 2.

Of course, the host also asked Rogan about his former on-screen relationship with castmate Dee Nguyen, who is now fired from the show. Rogan said, “Her biggest weakness is me.”

Rogan also mentioned she blocked him on social media. Could Dee have cursed Rogan on The Challenge future and in his friendship with Joss somehow?

Based on the recent unfollowing on social media, it’s going to be interesting what Joss and Rogan of The Challenge have to say about each other in terms of their weaknesses.

Could they also be setting up for a secret alliance to fool others on a future series? Maybe another Rivals-type show in the future? Check out The Challenge Season 36 cast spoilers to see if they’ll be part of the new season.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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