Josiah Duggar pops up at Duggar Christmas

Josiah Duggar in a confessional.
Josiah Duggar was pictured at the Duggar family Christmas. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar family’s Christmas day get-together wasn’t as big as expected this year.

Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu filmed some moments from Christmas at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s home. 

They were just a few of the attendees, which mainly consisted of the younger and unmarried Duggars. 

In years past, there has been a house full of kids and cousins running around. The video footage didn’t show much of that, except a few scenes of Truett in the bounce house and his cousin, Gracie Duggar (John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett’s oldest), playing with him. 

Most of the Duggar sons were in attendance, but the married daughters didn’t appear to be around. Josh and Anna Duggar’s children were there, and it appeared in one shot Anna’s head was in the background. 

Is there a bigger rift in the Duggar family than anyone knows? 

Rare Josiah Duggar sighting 

In the video shot by Jedidiah Duggar, he caught a scene with his dad, Jim Bob Duggar, and brothers, Josiah, John David, and Jason, all around a computer. 

Josiah and his wife, Lauren Swanson, walked away from the spotlight and never looked back. They removed many photos from their Instagram account, leaving only a few. 

The couple also welcomed a second child, whom they didn’t announce. The baby was spotted in a video Jed filmed during the Duggars’ fall festival event. Lauren and Josiah were seated on the hayride with a baby by them.

Jim Bob, Jason, John David, and Josiah Duggar.
Pic credit: @JedKateyDuggar/YouTube

Who was spotted in the Duggar Christmas video? 

Jedidiah and Katelyn Nakatsu attended Christmas at the big house as they were the ones in charge of filming. 

Interestingly, Jessa Duggar used to be the queen of the camera, filming all of the events and adding them to her YouTube channel. She was not spotted at the Duggar Christmas, at least not in the footage shared by Jed. 

Anna Duggar’s children were all seen in various parts of the video. Also, the younger Duggar sisters, Josie, Jennifer, and Jordyn, were spotted opening presents. 

Jackson, James, Tyler, and Jason were all spotted too. Josiah and John-David were hanging out with their “Pops” in the clip. 

Jana was spotted with a baby on her hip at one point and later hanging out with James. 

It wasn’t a packed house like it had been in years past when all the family gathered together. This raises questions about the status of Joy-Anna and Jessa Duggar’s relationships with their parents concerning the holidays.

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5 months ago

I miss watching the girls and the boys on their life adventures.