Josiah Duggar pops up as the Duggar ‘lost boys’ reunite

Josiah Duggar in a Counting On confessional
Josiah Duggar popped up with his siblings. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar siblings reunited with their families for a camping trip — some of them, anyway.

As the end of the camping season draws near, Jason Duggar captured some memories as he and some of his siblings spent time together at a campground in Arkansas.

He shared a carousel of three photos and one video, proving it was a family affair.

In the first photo, Kendra Caldwell and her very blonde hair are noticeable at the picnic table. She is seated with Hannah Wissmann on her side and Jeremiah Duggar, Jason, and what appears to be Joseph Duggar across from her.

The second photo was of some of the boys playing cornhole, but the third picture was some of the “lost boys” posing together and the first sighting of Josiah Duggar in quite some time.

Jason captioned the share, “Enjoyed camping with some of my favorite people this weekend, family!”

Josiah Duggar spends time with family

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson left the spotlight as fast as they could following the cancellation of Counting On.

They had already cleared out their Instagram page weeks before, but no one knew what was happening back then. The speculation is they wanted the photos of their daughter Bella off the page after what happened with Josh Duggar.

Since then, Josiah has avoided social media or being on camera with his family. However, this camping trip was different.

Jason Duggar posed with Josiah and twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar. It was like a reunion of the “lost boys” put on for their followers.

Who are the Duggar ‘lost boys’

The Duggar family was on reality TV for well over a decade, and they garnered many critics during that time.

Some of the circles have various nicknames for the Duggar children, and in this case, some of the siblings were lumped into the group “lost boys.”

Depending on who you ask, Joseph Duggar and Josiah Duggar sometimes are looped into the “lost boys” category. Others believe the “lost boys” begin with Jedidiah and Jeremiah and go through Jackson Duggar.

Essentially, they are the “forgotten kids” that were put into buddy groups. They didn’t get too much airtime, and their names were easily overlooked. They fell into the cracks, and as they aged, no one really knew much about them.

The “lost boys” were also part of the group that didn’t have their weddings on Counting On. That’s where things get murky about whether Joe and Josiah are actually part of the group. They were married on the show but have essentially walked away from public life.

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