Did Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar welcome a baby boy?

Kendra Caldwell in a confessional from Counting On.
Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar welcomed a baby boy. Pic credit: TLC

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar keep popping up in family videos alongside their newest addition.

They are the second couple who welcomed a baby and opted not to announce it publicly. Earlier this year, Kendra was heavily pregnant at Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann’s wedding.

Although it’s unclear when Kendra and Joseph welcomed their baby, it appears the little one is only a few months old.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted Joseph Duggar with the baby in his coat during a gender reveal party for Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth. That was the first confirmation they had welcomed a fourth child.

Some photos of the baby were also shown on Christina Caldwell’s Instagram earlier this month. It was still unclear whether the couple had a baby boy or a girl.

Thanks to Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu’s gender reveal video, more is known about the little one the Counting On couple welcomed at some point this year.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar pictured with baby

In the gender reveal video shared by Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu, Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar were spotted holding a little one.

When the couple learned they were expecting a baby girl, the camera could see Kendra standing next to Katie, wearing a coat and holding a tiny baby.

Kendra Caldwell holding a baby.
Kendra in a coat holding a baby. Pic credit: @JedKateyDuggar/YouTube

Based on the blanket being what appears to be grey and white, it wasn’t clear whether it was a boy or girl Kendra was holding.

However, when Jed and Katey decide to announce their baby’s name to the family following their gender reveal, Joseph Duggar is seen standing behind them, holding the little one.

Joseph Duggar holding a baby.
Joseph Duggar with a baby boy. Pic credit: @JedKateyDuggar/YouTube

Based on the second photo from the gender reveal, it looks like Joe and Kendra welcomed a baby boy after having back-to-back girls.

Why didn’t Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar announce their fourth baby?

Following the cancellation of Counting On, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell stepped out of the spotlight. They refrained from posting much on social media, except for a birthday shoutout for their daughter, Addison when she turned 2.

Their oldest son, Garrett, will be 5 this year, Addison turned 3 in November, and Brooklyn will be celebrating her second birthday in the coming months. So right now, Joe and Kendra have four children, 4 and under.

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