Josh Duggar’s mugshot shows him ‘smirking’ after arrest by federal agents

Josh Duggar on 18 Kids and Counting.
Josh Duggar’s mugshot, pictured below, was revealed after his arrest. Pic credit: TLC

Josh Duggar’s mugshot has been revealed after he was arrested by federal agents in Arkansas earlier on Thursday — and appears to show him smirking.

The 33-year-old was booked at 1:14 p.m. local time, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s office

Details about his arrest are unclear as no details have yet been released to the public. It is known, however, that he is being held without bail and that he was arrested by the US Marshals.

Josh Duggar’s mugshot shows ‘smirk’

Following his arrest and booking, Josh Duggar had his mugshot taken, with the image made available to the public.

The photo shows the former reality TV star appearing to smirk while he is being booked into the Washington County Detention Center where he is being held without bail.

Josh Duggar's booking photo.
Josh Duggar’s mugshot, in which he appears to be smirking. Pic credit: Washington County

Josh and his wife, Anna Duggar, only days ago disclosed that they are expecting their seventh child. They shared a gender reveal on her Instagram account, revealing the couple — who already share three boys and three girls together — are expecting another girl.

Josh Duggar’s other scandals

This isn’t the first time Josh Duggar has made headlines, but is the first time he has been arrested.

Back in May 2015, it was revealed that Josh had molested several of his sisters and another girl about a decade prior. The police report was released, and the names were redacted. Based on the information given, it wasn’t hard for people to figure out which sisters were the victims, and from there, things escalated.

Shortly after that, Josh Duggar was revealed to have been a member of the Ashley Madison extramarital affair website. He apologized on the Duggar family’s website and then went to treatment in Rockford, Illinois. Around that time, TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting and distanced themselves from Josh completely.

The Duggar family later returned to our screens with Counting On, which initially saw the sisters and brothers talk about how Josh’s actions affected their lives. It has since blossomed into following the adult Duggar children as they marry and build their own families, but with the latest news of Josh Duggar’s arrest, it is unclear if the show will go on.

There have been no statements issued about Josh Duggar’s arrest from any of the family members. It is expected that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will release something at some point, but until the details are made public, the family will likely remain silent as they process what the next steps will be.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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