Joseline Hernandez’s custody of daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan lost during Marriage Boot Camp TV shoot

Joseline Hernandez and Balistic Beats on Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition
Joseline Hernandez gets some heartbreaking news about custody of her daughter, Bonnie Bella, on Marriage Boot Camp. Pic credit: WEtv

Joseline and Balistic have been working out some huge issues this season on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, but nothing could prepare them for the news that we’ll see them receive tonight.

While filming for WEtv’s popular series, Joseline Hernandez learned that her ex Stevie J had won custody of their daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan.

Devastating news for Joseline Hernandez

News that Bonnie Bella had to be handed over to her father Stevie J was devastating for the longtime reality TV star. When she learned about the change to her custody in a Marriage Boot Camp sneak peek shared by Too Fab, Joseline broke down.

Joseline was sitting in her room with Balistic when she was told that Stevie J would be getting Bonnie Bella.

“It’s being told to me that I have to let my daughter go with her father because my baby daddy is trying to take custody, so I feel like my life is just falling apart,” Joseline said in her green screen interview.

Then, cutting back to Joseline and Balistic, she told him, “They gave him custody. I don’t know what to do!”

Dr. Ish was watching the couple on camera from another room and went to talk to Joseline and to help her work through her apparent anguish.

When Joseline Hernandez opened up the bedroom door for the Marriage Boot Camp counselor, Joseline broke down in tears.

Joseline Hernandez has been battling Stevie J for custody of Bonnie Bella

Joseline has been fighting with Stevie J since she learned that she was pregnant with Bonnie Bella. The two were on the outs as she was ending her time on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, only to find out she was pregnant during a remote appearance at the reunion show. It was there that she took a pregnancy test and was as shocked as everyone else when it said “pregnant.”

After leaving Love & Hip Hop, Joseline moved back to Miami and has been raising Bonnie Bella there ever since. According to Joseline, she rarely saw Stevie J, and he wasn’t helping to support his daughter either.

Instead, Balistic had been acting as Bonnie’s dad since she was a year old, so losing custody to Stevie J was a crushing blow to them both.

Of course, Stevie J’s story is different, and he claims that Joseline was keeping their daughter from him. In the past, he’s even made claims that he went down to Miami to see Bonnie Bella for scheduled visits, only to be denied seeing his daughter or finding out when he got down there that Joseline and Bonnie weren’t even in town.

The entire parenting arrangement and custody fight between Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J has been hard on everyone, and no one can seem to just agree to work together.

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WEtv. 

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7 months ago

I’m glad Stevie has custody of Bonnie, he’s a better parent.

5 months ago

Between them both hands down is Stevie. Joesline is in her own world .She needed to be knocked back down to reality. She’s always got something negative to say