Jorge Nava ready to get back to work in the weed business — 90 Day Fiance star will pursue career in marijuana industry if parole officer allows it

Jorge Nava poses on a Corvette
Jorge Nava is out of prison and looking to earn a living. Pic credit: @mrnava_/Instagram

Most 90 Day Fiance fans are aware that Jorge Nava was released from prison just one week ago. He’s already thinking about his next move, which could be a return to the marijuana industry.

Jorge has been sharing updates with fans since his release, and 90 Day Fiance fans are eating it up. Everyone is paying attention to what he’s up to now — from what Jorge Nava ate first after his release to a possible return to TV.

He’s even been sharing this new leg of his journey on TikTok, taking the time to show off his physical transformation with the popular Flip the Switch challenge.

Now, Jorge is dishing on his plans in terms of employment. It seems that his incarceration for transporting nearly 300 pounds of marijuana has not deterred him from returning to work with the controversial plant once again.

Will Jorge Nava become a cannabis grower?

Jorge Nava recently spoke with TMZ, and what he told them might surprise some 90 Day Fiance fans.

He explained that “weed is legal in California,” but right now, he’s still living in Arizona, though his current state does allow it for medicinal purposes with a prescription only.

He explained it might be hard to break into the marijuana industry since he is a felon for transporting it illegally a few years back. It’s something he says that he’ll be looking into.

It all depends on his parole officer too and Jorge Nava was quick to point out that he wasn’t headed into anything without consent.

“If there is an opportunity there then I am willing to go back and start working and definitely make some money,” Jorge explained.

He explained that he worked in marijuana cultivation and he would love to do it again because that’s his “passion.”

Prison food is ‘terrible’ according to Jorge Nava

Jorge talked about other things like what it’s like in prison and how he lost so much weight.

A few times now, Jorge has said that the one thing he looked forward to upon his release was being able to choose what he eats and order from a menu.

When asked about prison food, he revealed that it was “terrible” and that he had to cook a lot of his own things he received from the commissary.

That may have helped Jorge to lose so much weight as he revealed that even when cooking his own food, he tried to choose healthy things.

Jorge Nava ultimately dropped 128 pounds while behind bars. When he went in, he weighed in at 318 pounds when he got to prison, and when he left, he was down to a svelte 190 pounds.

Check out the video below to see Jorge Nava’s full interview.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus and is expected to return later this year. 

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