Jonathan Owens is getting dragged after claiming he’s the ‘catch’ in relationship with Simone Biles

Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles in a selfie
Jonathan Owens is catching a lot of heat for comments he made about his relationship. Pic credit: @jowens/Instagram

Jonathan Owens upset legions of Simone Biles fans when he recently claimed that he was “the catch” in his relationship with the decorated Olympic gymnast.

It all went down on The Pivot podcast earlier this week when Jonathan opened up about dating and falling in love with Simone.

To the hosts and everyone listening’s disbelief, he claimed that he didn’t initially know who she was after connecting on the Raya app.

He claimed he didn’t follow gymnastics, nor did he have NBC, which aired the Olympics, but that he figured Simone Biles must have been good because she had so many followers.

And nearly no one believes that – even leading to the internet digging up receipts from years ago to prove that he does follow gymnastics and most likely did know who Simone Biles was when he met her.

But when Jonathan was asked if that meant he was the “catch,” and he said that he was, that’s when the internet went off.

Social media takes aim at Jonathan Owens over Simone Biles relationship comments

It seems that Jonathan Owens is about to learn exactly who Simone Biles is because her fans have gone wild on X, formerly known as Twitter, to let him know just how incredible she is — and how famous.

One gymnastics fan took to the app and wrote, “I love how we as a collective unit decided to cyber jump Simone Biles’ husband. Mr. Biles needs to learn to not speak such nonsense.”

In response to another fan calling him Mr. Biles, someone made it clear that Jonathan Owens is not exactly a big star. They wrote, “I want a Travis Kelce, or an Alexis Ohanian but never a Jonathan Owens. I will never again dim my worth, my light, my sparkle to make anyone feel better about themselves. I did that for way too long.”

Yet another, who was not impressed with Jonathan’s claims, wrote, “men gotta start stfu. two days ago, I did not know Mr.Biles and now I’m finding out he’s not even on the roster just the practice squad. He the water boy.”

Social media compares Simone Biles to Jonathan Owens

So many are upset by Jonathan Owens’ comments due to Simone Biles’ tremendous accomplishments, especially compared to her new husband.

After all, Simone earned four gold medals, one silver medal, and two bronze medals while competing in the Olympics. She’s also broken records, having won the National Championship eight times and the World All-Around Gold six times.

Simone Biles has been called the best gymnast in history.

On the other hand, Jonathan Owens is playing for the Green Bay Packers as a special safety but came into the NFL as an undrafted free agent and signed with the Arizona Cardinals before moving to the Houston Texans.

He has zero Super Bowl rings, and while Simone Biles is easily recognizable on a large scale, most don’t even know who Jonathan Owens is.

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Sarah Essett
Sarah Essett
6 months ago

I never heard of him.Prior to their marriage.However, I have been familiar with Sìmone Biles for years.