Johnny DePhillipo admits to having a TikTok crush, fans think they know who it is

Johnny DePhillipo
Johnny DePhillipo admits to having a social media crush. Pic credit: @johnnydephillipo/Instagram

The answer is no —it didn’t take long at all for Bachelor Nation to flood Johnny DePhillipo’s comment section with guesses after he admitted to having a TikTok crush.

It seems as if Johnny has officially moved on from Victoria Fuller after their rollercoaster relationship on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. Viewers will recall the season’s reunion, where many fans took Johnny’s side after the two ended their engagement and Victoria moved on quickly with fellow franchise member Greg Grippo.

Now that a few months have passed and the drama has died down, Johnny has been flourishing through his new opportunities on social media.

For a Valentine’s Day-themed post, the former Bachelor in Paradise contestant partnered with the brand Cuts Clothing.

He shared a TikTok video in which he admitted to still being single, saying Cuts had offered him the chance to give his TikTok crush a Valentine’s Day gift.

Johnny said that he and Cuts would be picking five people who accurately guessed his crush in his comments section to receive a $250 gift card. He continued to give three hints as to who his crush is.

Johnny DePhillipo hints at who his social media crush is

“She’s tall, she’s blonde, and she’s beautiful as all hell,” Johnny said for his first clue — which is quite a change from the former brunettes he fell in love with during his time on reality television.

In the second hint, Johnny said that he and his crush are both from New Jersey.

And for the third clue, he joked that he would love to “watch her get ready,” insinuating she often posts popular “get ready with me” videos on the platform.


Alright, you know what to do! Go ahead and guess my crush! Say the name and tag @cuts #cutscupid #fyp

♬ original sound – Johnny DePhillipo

Johnny prompted followers to guess his crush in the comments, and to no surprise, fans seemed to know who it was right away.

Followers guess Alix Earle as Johnny’s TikTok crush

Whether fans wanted the $250 gift card or were excited to see that Johnny had moved on from Victoria, many were quick to jump in with their guesses.

While Johnny’s hints were pretty broad, there was one guess that swept the board — Alix Earle.

Alix is a 22-year-old social media star who is currently a senior at the University of Miami.

“Has to be Alix Earle,” one fan wrote, while others said the guess was “easyyyy” and tagged the viral TikTok sensation.

Johnny's TikTok comments
Pic credit: johnnydephillipo/TikTok

The clues check out, as Alix is tall, blonde, from New Jersey, and is known for her “GRWM” videos. She has also garnered quite a high amount of fame on the platform, currently amassing 4.3 million followers.

Since Johnny only shared his video on Tuesday, he has yet to choose his winners and admit to whether or not Alix is his TikTok crush after all.

Johnny and Victoria Fuller’s post-Bachelor in Paradise breakup

Although Johnny seems to be in good spirits these days, last year was tough for the former contestant as he navigated two difficult breakups.

While he was one of Gabby Windey’s top contenders during last year’s season of The Bachelorette, Johnny went on to star on Bachelor in Paradise and propose to fellow cast mate Victoria.

Rumors had been spreading before the reunion episode that the two had broken up post-filming when Victoria was spotted with Greg Grippo on a trip to Italy.

During the reunion, Johnny and Victoria’s dirty laundry was aired, and the two admitted to having a toxic relationship overall.

While Johnny inferred that Victoria’s relationship with Greg was a factor in their breakup, Victoria refused to see eye-to-eye with his timeline of events.

Though the situation had painted Victoria as quite the villain, it seems as if she and Johnny have been finally able to truly move on, with Victoria continuing to date Greg and Johnny, potentially starting a new relationship with Alix.

Well, fans can hope.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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