Bachelor in Paradise: Victoria Fuller reveals the bleeped-out name Johnny called her

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller is telling all in terms of her break up with Johnny DePhillipo. Pic credit: ABC

Although viewers may hay been able to fill in the blank on their own, Victoria Fuller has revealed the degrading term that Johnny DePhillipo allegedly referred to her as during their relationship.

Last night’s finale and reunion episode of Bachelor in Paradise was surely not lacking in the “jaw-dropping moments” department.

Although there were plenty of heartwarming moments to balance out the drama, Victoria and Johnny’s announcements made it tough to focus on some of the other revelations.

After revealing that they had ended their engagement, just minutes after Bachelor Nation watched their proposal on the finale, the two took the reunion hot seats to battle it out in front of their castmates — whose faces gave away all of their thoughts.

Johnny mentioned the fact that Victoria had started seeing Greg Grippo while they were working on their own issues, which she denied by saying she and Greg didn’t start dating until after they broke up.

Victoria then brought up some of the things that Johnny said to her that caused her to end their relationship, one of which was a phrase that was bleeped out during the airing.

Victoria Fuller reveals the inappropriate name Johnny DePhillipo called her

Taking to her Instagram Stories after Tuesday’s reunion, Victoria uploaded a text-based photo to end speculation over the words that Johnny said to her.

“When you get called a ‘f**king c**t’ in your relationship it’s time to move on,” she said.

Victoria Fuller's story
Pic credit: @vlfuller/Instagram

Although fans most likely could have guessed the general idea of what ABC bleeped out, Victoria made sure there were no further questions on the matter.

Victoria confirms relationship with Greg Grippo on Bachelor in Paradise finale

With rumors circulating around Bachelor Nation for weeks now, it was finally confirmed last night that Victoria is dating former The Bachelorette contestant Greg Grippo.

Although the timeline of when they first got together may be a little funky, Greg was brought out on stage and revealed the two went to Rome for their first date to avoid the chance of being recognized by the public.

The pair even got matching “ciao” tattoos on their arms while they were there, which merited some hilarious reactions from Victoria’s fellow Season 8 Paradise castmates behind her.

It was clear that although Victoria and Greg seem as if they are in a happy relationship, audience members were showing much more remorse for Johnny as it seemed as if he had more information he could have exposed.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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