John McManus’ girlfriend Meghan’s daughter is calling him ‘Daddy’ but 90 Day Fiance critics say it’s too soon

john mcmanus meghan brown 90 day: the single life tell all
John and Meghan are getting super serious in their relationship. Pic credit: Discovery+

Things have gotten serious between John McManus and his fiancee, Meghan Brown.

After being introduced to John via his brother, Patrick Mendes, on Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance, 90 Day: The Single Life viewers watched John search for love in Season 4 of the flagship series spin-off.

John met Meghan and quickly fell head over heels for the brunette beauty.

Despite 90 Day Fiance viewers’ skepticism about Meghan’s intentions, John proposed to his lady love during The Single Life’s Season 4 Tell All, and she accepted.

Since then, John has relocated from Massachusetts to Meghan’s native Texas to live with her and her special needs daughter, River.

John and Meghan have been proclaiming their love for each other across social media ever since the news of their engagement broke.

Meghan’s daughter River refers to John as Daddy

Although John made it clear that he didn’t want any children of his own, it looks like he’s enjoying his role as River’s stepdad.

Recently, Meghan uploaded a video sharing the sweet gesture she and River pulled together for John’s birthday.

Fan account @90dayfianceupdate shared the clip on Instagram, in which Meghan videoed inside their home to show off what she put together for her future husband.

“It’s Daddy’s birthday!” Meghan exclaimed as she showed off the decorations she had put over the mantle, including balloons, a Happy Birthday banner, and a red, white, and blue garland.

Meghan and River gave John a six-pack of beer, a framed photo, a couple of New England Patriots gifts, and a Super Dad coffee mug.

90 Day Fiance viewers think it’s a ‘red flag’ that River is calling John her ‘Daddy’ so soon

Quite a few 90-Day Fiance fans were taken aback by River’s reference to John as Daddy.

One naysayer commented, “Daddy’ already?”

“Super nice but DADDY?!” added @spac3d.

Another commenter felt River calling John “Daddy” would confuse her.

“You don’t do that to a child,” their comment continued. “Because most likely it’s not going to last.”

90 day fiance viewers comment on john mcmanus and meghan brown's relationship on instagram
90 Day Fiance fans weigh in. Pic credit: @90dayfianceupdate/Instagram

Others continued to question why River refers to John as Daddy, with one Instagram user adding two red-flag emojis when asking, “She already calls him Daddy?!?! Umm…”

John seems to be loving his role as River’s father figure

As far as John is concerned, it doesn’t look like he’s bothered by River calling him Daddy.

John’s latest post on Instagram is a Reel depicting River in her bedroom, loaded up with snacks while playing video games.

“Look at this, huh?” John said as he filmed River. “River’s got the rough life. She’s playing a little Ratchet & Clank, she’s got her little chippies, her drink… she’s all set. Kid’s got what she needs in life.”

“The good life,” reads John’s caption.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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1 day ago

You know I’m going to assume but you know what that means makes an ass/u/me but that her dad is not involved. But many commenting are right if the relationship doesn’t work then it will confuse this poor child.

1 day ago

I know that when I was 5 years old I asked my step dad if I could call him dad. Of course he said yes, he is still my dad today 50 years later… I do not see anything wrong with that little girl calling him daddy, she obviously feels that in her heart.When we watch these shows they are like a year out. So they have been together for a while now. Stop judging! Just be happy for their little family!