John Fuda blasts the ‘Tre Stumps’ and clears up accusations about his arrest and name change

RHONJ newbies John and Rachel Fuda Instagram selfie
John Fuda clears the record about his name change and arrest. Pic credit: @johnfuda_/Instagram

John Fuda felt the wrath of the Trehuggers after he stood up to Luis Ruelas at The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 reunion.

However, he’s not backing down and recently threw shade at Teresa Giuidice’s fans, who he referred to as the “Tre Stumps”– a term coined by Margaret Josephs.

People took aim at Rachel Fuda’s husband after the reunion and dug up lots of information about his past.

It came to light that he was arrested several years ago, and people also insinuated that there was a shady reason he changed his surname to Fuda.

However, John is not just sitting down and letting the haters throw mud on his name.

He recently spoke out and cleared up some of the things that have been said about him.

RHONJ star John Fuda says he was never convicted despite his 2008 arrest

The Jersey husband had a chat with Page Six and he got right to the topic at hand.

“I’ve read some bogus misinformation on Twitter, so I figured I’d give the facts! beginning with speculation about his 2008 arrest at age 21 for operating a motor vehicle while in possession of a narcotic,” said John.

The 35-year-old said he’s “not ashamed of mistakes [he] made as a kid” and explained that the incident did not result in a conviction as the “charges were dismissed.”

“Some of the online trolls tried to twist this information, stating this was the reason why I changed my name,” said John as she delved into another rumor floating about.

However, the dad of three had an explanation for that as well, and it’s nothing sinister.

John Fuda explains why he changed his last name as he blasts the ‘Tre Stumps’

John affirmed that his previous trouble with the law had absolutely nothing to do with his change of surname, despite what the naysayers might say.

“My last name is Fuda because after my parents’ divorce when I was a baby, my mother had immense support from her side of the family,” explained John, whose original last name was D’Atria.

John’s grandfather, Joseph was a father figure in his life, so he formally changed his name to Fuda in 2016 from Jonathan Ross D’Atria to Jonathan D’Atria Fuda. 

“Before getting married [to Rachel] in January of 2017, I wanted to carry the name Fuda in honor of Joseph Fuda,” he shared.

However, John admitted that even as a child he wrote his name as “Jonathan Fuda” and denied that the name shame was because he wanted to hide from his past.

“Some of the ‘Tre Stumps’ need to ask themselves if I wanted to hide my past, why did I make my former last name my middle name?” reasoned John.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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