Joey Graziadei is already explaining The Bachelor Fantasy Suite date strategy

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
Joey Graziadei knows all eyes are on him as he navigates his season of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

It looks like Joey Graziadei wants to ensure he doesn’t go down as one of the controversial The Bachelor stars.

Heading into Season 28, he’s been hailed as one of the favorites, with The Bachelorette viewers excited to see the tennis star get his season.

After the last few seasons of The Bachelor, it was time for someone we could actually get excited about.

That’s a great thing, considering the lack of enthusiasm for Zach Shallcross’s season.

Not to mention the absolute mess of a season we had before him with Clayton Echard at the helm.

No Bachelor fan can forget the controversy he stirred up by sleeping with Gabby and Rachel during Fantasy Suites and then getting dumped by Susie during their Fantasy Suites date when he admitted to it.

Joey Graziadei is being careful about Fantasy Suites and what he might have to explain

Clearly, Joey doesn’t want to do anything during Fantasy Suites or any other part of his season that would get him dumped by his final rose winner, and he’s been talking about how careful he was while filming.

“I was kind of warned about that, I’ve heard it in the past,” Joey told E! News. “I think from being in the role, now the big thing is I can’t fault anyone. That is a very tough position to be in.”

He continued, “And for me I just tried my best to, again, be aware that I was going to hopefully be watching this back with my forever person.”

“So I just tried to make decisions that I could explain, and things that I felt like would stay in tune with who I am as a person,” Joey explained.

“I can’t really say more than that, but for me it was really important to do things that I felt was the best I could do with the position I was in.”

Joey shared a similar sentiment on Live with Kelly and Mark

It seems like something that Joey Graziadei has really thought about, both before filming his season of The Bachelor and now that it’s airing.

He was a guest on Live with Kelly and Mark on premiere day, and he said something similar when chatting about the new season with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

It’s clear that Joey had his final rose winner and their reaction to his antics on his mind before he ever knew who that would be – and not just for Fantasy Suites, either.

“I think that throughout this whole process, I tried to make sure that I was thinking about if someone is going to watch this back with me, I want to be able to explain myself,” Joey explained.

He continued, “I really tried to be smart with what I was saying and just stand on it all this time.”

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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