Joe Giudice says Joe Gorga ‘stole from his father’ and Melissa caused ‘friction’ in the family for stardom

Joe Giudice lashes out at RHONJ stars Melissa and Joe Gorga
Joe Giudice blasts Melissa and Joe Gorga. Pic credit: ©Image Collect/AcePixs/Bravo

Joe Giudice must have seen the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey because the dad-of-four is lashing out against his former in-laws Joe and Melissa Gorga.

He made some shocking accusations against the couple in his latest interview.

Just recently, Joe and Melissa got into a heated argument with Teresa Giudice because she defended her ex-husband. But Joe is now defending himself against the Gorgas, and judging by his recent comments, there is still plenty of bad blood between them.

Joe Giudice lashes out at Joe and Melissa

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey husband didn’t hold back when dishing about Joe and Melissa in a recent interview.

Joe spilled quite a bit of tea to Celebuzz about the Jersey couple after they bashed him on the show.

For one, Teresa’s ex-husband claimed that the Gorgas don’t really have her back.

Joe and Melissa never defended Teresa or stuck up for her. Watch…They put her situations down and husband down in front of the world. Teresa made family first priority Joe Gorga made money priority!” remarked Joe.

The 48-year-old also made a number of eye-popping allegations about the couple.

“They trashed me to get to [the] top but don’t talk about how he stole from his father, sister, employees, and business. Her brother always came between us and the parents,” noted the Italian resident.

But Juicy Joe wasn’t done blasting his former in-laws quite yet.

Last week, Joe Gorga alleged that Joe Giudice had a role in his mother’s death. But Teresa’s ex denied any such thing.

“The only person that hurt Teresa and Joe’s dad was Joe Gorga. He took money from his dad.”

Giudice continued, “The parents lost their home because of Joe Gorga and had rent. He never helped his mother while she sick. He never showed up while in hospital.”

“The parents lost everything because of Joe Gorga,” he added.

Joe Giudice says Melissa Gorga caused friction in the family

During his chat with the media outlet, Joe Giudice also slammed his former sister-in-law.

He shared that Melissa cause friction in the family and was only interested in checking on his girls when the Bravo cameras were rolling.

“Melissa never went to check on the girls- she did it only when the camera was rolling…Melissa marched in and took over always causing friction to be a star,” commented Joe.

However, Teresa’s ex also remarked that he was proud of his ex-wife for not allowing her brother to interfere in her relationship with Luis Ruelas.

“The bottom line, Teresa is not making the same mistakes, she is determined [to reclaim] her life. I’m proud of her,” confessed Joe.

“She learned she shouldn’t allow her brother to interfere with her relationship and to be happy.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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