Joe Giudice hits back at comments that his daughters will end up ‘on the pole’

Teresa and Joe Giudice. Pic Credit: Globe-Photos / Imagecollect
Teresa and Joe Giudice. Pic Credit: ©

Real Housewives of New Jersey OGs Joe and Teresa Giudice have had a crazy year. Joe was deported to Italy back in November, the couple announced their separation in December, and Teresa’s father Giacinto Gorga passed away in April.

The year has been especially tough on the couple’s four daughters, Gia, 19, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10.

Despite their separation, Teresa and Joe are committed to co-parenting their children peacefully.

Teresa posted a Father’s Day tribute to Joe on Sunday, and Joe revealed his inner papa bear when he defended his daughters against a cruel commenter.

Joe responds to a hater

One Instagram user posted a nasty comment on Teresa’s sweet tribute.

“Failed father,” the user wrote. “Two of the four will end up on the pole no doubt.”

Joe elected to take the high road with his reply. He praised his daughters without disparaging the commenter or pole dancers.

“Please remove your self off Teresa [sic] page,” Joe replied. “Although, pole dancing is [a] respectful job! My girls have chosen different career paths.”

Joe also took the opportunity to praise Teresa, saying, “Momma @teresagiudice got it under control!! We going for 4/4 success on point!”

Teresa Giudice's Father's Day tribute to Joe received one particularly nasty comment. Pic Credit: @teresagiudice / Instagram
Teresa Giudice’s Father’s Day tribute to Joe received one particularly nasty comment. Pic Credit: @teresagiudice / Instagram

Real Housewives of New Jersey fans were quick to come to the Giudices’ defense as well.

“Wtf is the need in that?!” one fan replied. “Seriously. Worlds bad enough without saying such hateful things. His daughters have great schooling. @teresagiudice makes sure of that & before he got put away, so did @joe.giudice”

Another fan agreed, saying, “That’s so inappropriate, to take time to spread such negative energy and mean words. I feel sorry for you.”

Virtually all of the replies to the negative comment defended the girls. Although Joe and Teresa are criticized fairly often for all sorts of things, criticism of their children isn’t okay with many RHONJ fans.

What are the Giudice girls up to?

Joe was right when he said that the girls are growing into successful young women.

Two of the four girls graduated this year- Audriana from elementary school and Milania from middle school. Teresa posted photos of each of them with captions detailing her pride that they will soon be middle and high schoolers.

Eldest daughter Gia started her freshman year at Rutgers University back in September. Despite the interruption to her schooling from the coronavirus pandemic, Gia seems to be doing well.

Gabriella, the second eldest, has a big milestone coming up- she will celebrate her 16th birthday on October 5.

Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus from Bravo. 

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3 years ago

Leave thehe girls alone. Both r great parents. They love the girls
U probably r a lousy parent urself. Do shut up. These girls r great kids. Let them be