Joe Giudice gives update on coronavirus lockdown in Italy: ‘People should grow a set of cojones’

Joe Giudice
With Italy in lockdown, Joe Giudice has shared his thoughts on the coronavirus. Pic credit: @JoeGiudice/Instagram

Joe Giudice has given his take on the coronavirus lockdown in Italy — branding the disease “stupid”, and telling people who are staying at home to “grow a set of cojones”.

In a new Instagram post, the reality TV star shares video footage of him standing in empty streets stating in the caption, “Sorry, lockdown not for me — never again!’

The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum is evidently not a fan of the new month-long countrywide lockdown, and Joe wasted no time letting his true feelings be known.

Joe Giudice’s thoughts on coronavirus

In the Instagram post, Joe appears baffled by the empty streets of his hometown in Italy. As he pans the phone to show the deserted streets, he calls it a “ghost town”.

“There is literally no one out because of the stupid coronavirus. It is like ridiculous people are so scared,” he said in part of his footage.

It is not only his video message where Joe expresses his frustration with people’s reactions to the coronavirus, but his brutally honest caption.

“People here are frantic because the government is ridiculous with lockdown! Sorry Lock down, not for me Never again! Stay safe, eat healthy, exercise, and no shaking and wash hands!” he wrote to his followers.

Joe included hashtags telling people to stay safe, wash their hands, and calling the lockdown “not cool”.

Italy’s month-long quarantine

Italy issued a month-long quarantine of the entire country this week after a rise in coronavirus cases. To date, 463 deaths and 9,172 cases of the coronavirus have been reported, with the number growing daily.

The lockdown consists of banning public gatherings, suspending sporting events, closing schools, and preventing social gatherings. Only those with a necessary work or family reason can travel, but the government must approve all those departing the country. Cruise ships are forbidden from docking in any of Italy’s ports.

Not long after his first Instagram post, Joe shared another short video clip telling his followers not to be “afraid”. He also let people know he was not disobeying the lockdown, saying he is only moving about the country for work and shopping for the family.

It is clear that Joe is not thrilled about the coronavirus lockdown, and it seems likely he will be sharing regular thoughts on the outbreak, as well as Italy’s quarantine, until the country is back to normal.

Joe isn’t the only celebrity making headlines related to coronavirus today, with Jason Momoa at the center of a new hand-washing meme.

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