Jo from Vanderpump Rules — Who is Jo Wenberg?

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney selfie.
Tom Schwartz warned Katie Maloney to stop slandering Jo Wenberg. Pic credit: @twschwa/Instagram

Who is Jo Wenberg from Vanderpump Rules? This is the question viewers are asking after watching the first part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

While many viewers likely thought the show would focus on Scandoval, Jo slightly plays into this.

Some may remember Jo’s name was mentioned when Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz talked earlier this season in his apartment. He revealed that she was staying with him, and it was an unpleasant situation as she was Kristen Doute’s best friend of several years.

Katie was confused about their connection, though Schwartz denied any relationship was happening between them. And while that was likely the truth, the friends-with-benefits situation was definitely happening.

At the reunion, the topic of Schwartz and Jo came up once again. He admitted the two were friends with benefits, but there was no actual relationship. It was also revealed that Jo blocked Kristen when their living situation was made public.

Yeah, let that sink in. She blocked her best friend when everyone learned she was living with Schwartz.

So, what do we know about Jo Wenberg?

Who is Jo Wenberg from Vanderpump Rules?

While Jo Wenberg has never been a cast member on Vanderpump Rules, she has been friendly with several cast members, including Tom Schwartz.

She was best friends with Kristen Doute for several years until recently, coinciding with the Scandoval timeline.

Jo worked as a stylist for some of the Vanderpump Rules cast members, which is how she got intertwined with them. She was given an in because she and Kristen had been friends since 2013. Jo threw everything away after nearly a decade-long friendship to take a spin with Tom Schwartz.

Why was Jo Wenberg discussed at the Vanderpump Rules reunion?

Katie Maloney quickly dragged Jo Wenberg’s character at the Vanderpump Rules reunion. Then, Tom Schwartz piped in that she would be served with a cease and desist if she didn’t stop slandering Jo.

He was referring to social media drama between the two women after it was revealed that Schwartz and Jo tagged along to Big Bear with Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss in what was being called a double date. While the men denied that was the case, the group didn’t believe it at all.

Just after Scandoval broke, it was revealed that Schwartz and Jo were spotted in Big Bear in January with Tom and Raquel. It was determined that Schwartz knew about the affair and kept quiet about it. While that was two months before the news came out, it seems that Schwartz and Jo were hanging out with Tom and Raquel even before that.

Jo Wenberg may not be a part of Vanderpump Rules, but she was a big topic of conversation during the first part of the reunion.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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