Jinger Duggar’s daughter is a thrill seeker

Jinger Duggar selfie.
Jinger Duggar’s daughter likes thrill rides. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have had a busy year, and it’s not even half over.

The former reality TV stars have decided to keep their daughters’ faces private until they are old enough to determine if they want to be in the public eye.

That choice wasn’t given to Jinger as a child, and while she did show Felicity in the beginning while Counting On was filming since they welcomed Evangeline, they have moved to only photos of the girls from behind or in a place where their faces are covered.

Some followers still heckle the couple, but it is understood why they chose that route, especially given Josh Duggar’s issues and the shame he brought down on his family. Even Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have moved to keep their sons’ faces offline and recently shared a cute updated photo of how big Freddy is now.

One of Jeremy’s most recent photos of Felicity gave insight into life with the eldest Vuolo sister.

She appears to enjoy having fun, and with her parents keen to spend time outdoors, she seems to have a lot of it.

Felicity rode her first rollercoaster

Jeremy Vuolo was proud of his little girl. He photographed her from behind, capturing the rollercoaster on the Santa Monica Pier.

He captioned the shot, “She had her eyes on the roller coaster. 42” to ride. She’s a cool 43”. Her first time but definitely won’t be her last!”

The way Jeremy wrote the caption indicates that Felicity had fun while on the rollercoaster and is a thrill seeker.

Jeremy also revealed he was the one who rode with Felicity on the rollercoaster, and she went on it a second time.

Jeremy Vuolo and Felicity on a rollercoaster.
Jeremy Vuolo rode with his daughter Felicity on a rollercoaster. Pic credit: @jeremy_vuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar is living her best life

After walking away from the IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles), Jinger Duggar got a new lease on life. She wrote a book about untangling the words of Bill Gothard and learning how to dive into the Bible to find the truth.

Jinger was candid about how much anxiety and fear were instilled in her because of Gothard’s teachings. Now that she has walked away and spoken her truth, she is living her authentic life.

She recently debuted her new hairstyle, which included thick blonde highlights. Jinger has changed her entire look and outlook since moving to California. She has embraced life on the West Coast, and her kids appear to enjoy the time spent there too.

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