Jinger Duggar shows off new hair for a ‘happy Saturday’

Jinger Duggar selfie
Jinger Duggar debuted a new look over the weekend. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar appeared to be feeling much better after being sick for several days earlier this week.

The Counting On star shared a Saturday selfie featuring a new look.

Brunette is Jinger’s natural hair color, but since marrying Jeremy Vuolo in 2016, the reality TV star has dyed her hair blonde several times. She first did it when the couple still lived in Laredo, Texas, and was part of a Counting On episode.

This time, the Duggar daughter went for ultra-light blonde in the front, framing her face. The highlights appeared chunkier than her usual style, but it looked great with her hair styled in waves.

She was dressed business casual with a white shirt under a light pink blazer. The color looked fantastic as she basked in the sunny day and the endless blue sky behind her.

Jinger was all dressed up for a speaking engagement she had.

Jinger Duggar goes light blonde

On her Instagram Story, Jinger Duggar debuted her new look.

She shared a selfie backed by a blue sky, but the face-framing highlights grabbed the attention.

Jinger Duggar selfie.
Jinger Duggar debuted a new hairstyle. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

In the next slide shared on her Story, Jinger revealed she spent the morning speaking at an event about her book.

Jinger Duggar at speaking engagement.
Jinger Duggar speaking to a group of women. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar’s life after her book release

Jinger Duggar went out on a limb when she released her book about breaking free from the teachings of the IBLP and their teachings.

She denounced everything her parents taught her to believe, revealing the anxiety and fear consuming her life because of what she was taught.

There has been a significant change in Jinger since she left the big house in Arkansas to live with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, after getting married in November 2016. She has switched up her wardrobe, leading to some of her sisters wearing pants. From there, she began dying her hair, and when they moved to California in 2019, she embraced the California girl inside of her.

Speculation swirled that the book would cause an even bigger rift between Jinger and her parents, but that wasn’t the case. She recently spent time in Arkansas with her mom and sisters, seemingly proving that her book didn’t affect the female relationships in her life.

Jinger has been speaking out about her book and doing interviews since before the release, and it seems she is still making the rounds after the event she attended.

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High five Jinger u go girl