Jinger Duggar reveals care package from Jana Duggar after being ‘sick for 8 days’

Jinger and Jana Duggar at a Dodgers game.
Jana Duggar sent Jinger a care package. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Counting On star Jinger Duggar appears to be under the weather.

She revealed that she has been “sick for 8 days” but did not divulge any more information about what is ailing her.

The California-based reality TV star has been quiet on her social media recently; now followers know why.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Jinger revealed that her big sister, Jana Duggar, knows how to care for her when she’s sick.

Jana sent Jinger a bunch of “goodies” that included canned soup, frosted animal crackers, popcorn, tea, and some goldfish.

Jinger wrote, “when you’ve been sick for 8 days and your sister sends you all the goodies [heart emoji] thanks @janamduggar.”

Jinger Duggar's care package.
Jinger Duggar shows off what Jana Duggar sent her. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jana Duggar shows off her ‘mothering’

For years, followers and critics of the Duggar family have called out Jana Duggar for running the family and being the “mother” to the siblings.

She has been dubbed “Cinderella” several times, which seems to fall under the same umbrella. Jana has been the resident babysitter, the assistant cook, the chaperone, and more.

She took it upon herself to cheer up her younger sister, Jinger Duggar, by sending her a care package with some of her favorite things. Interestingly, they are all snacks a little child would love mixed with soup and tea.

Despite the distance between them, the sisters remain close. Jana has been to California several times to visit Jinger and her family. She even stayed a few weeks longer to spend time with her sister one-on-one.

What’s wrong with Jinger Duggar?

The Counting On star and author didn’t elaborate on what has her so sick, but it could be any number of things: Flu, COVID-19, unexpected illness like step throat, or just a virus.

Given what Jana Duggar sent, flu may be a good guess, especially with the soup and crackers.

Jinger had COVID-19 over the Thanksgiving holiday last year as she shared a video of a dinner her friend sent for her and Jeremy Vuolo and their girls. It was a sweet gesture, and Jinger thanked her friend for the thoughtfulness.

She has not posted on Instagram for over a week. That coincides with the “8 days” of sickness she explained in her Instagram Story. It must have wiped her out as Jana had the package delivered quickly, likely using something like Amazon to ensure it made it to Jinger.

Hopefully, it’s nothing serious, and Jinger Duggar will be back on her feet in no time.

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